Republican opposition to McCarthy’s debt ceiling deal grows

by WorldTribune Staff / 247 Real News May 30, 2023

#NoDeal was trending on Twitter on Tuesday as more Republicans came out in opposition to the debt ceiling deal reached between House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and Team Biden.

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Rep. Chip Roy of Texas tweeted: “Why I will oppose the #DebtCeiling “deal.” It’s not a good deal. Some $4 Trillion in debt for — at best — a two year spending freeze and no serious substantive policy reforms.”

Rep. Nancy Mace of South Carolina tweeted: “After reading the bill, twice, I’m voting NO on the debt ceiling debacle because playing the DC game isn’t worth selling out our kids and grandkids. Republicans got outsmarted by a President who can’t find his pants.”

Some GOP members are even questioning McCarthy’s loyalty to the party.

“I think it’s got to be done,” Rep. Dan Bishop of North Carolina said when asked if Republicans would consider a motion to vacate McCarthy’s speakership. “I think it is a question of the time and place … of those people who have the courage to deal with this problem for the American people.”

House Freedom Caucus Chairman Scott Perry of Pennsylvania said on Tuesday: “Speaker McCarthy had a mandate from the American people negotiated with a powerful negotiation position of a unified Republican Party, not only just in the House but in the House and the Senate, to hold the line for the bill that we passed,” “This bill … totally failed to deliver on all of it.”

On Monday, Rep. Roy hinted that he may be open to a motion to vacate after tweeting that a concession was made during speakership elections in January that nothing could pass the Rules Committee unless all seven Republicans were on board, a deal that had not been made public before this week.

“We will see,” Roy said when asked what action he would take if that agreement is broken. “I’m not going to go down that road right now, other than just to point out that a general part of the agreement … was that we would have unanimous support when we come out of the Rules Committee.”

Other members of the Rules Committee, including Reps. Byron Donalds of Florida, Andrew Clyde of Georgia, and Andy Biggs of Arizona, are calling on their colleagues to vote against McCarthy’s debt ceiling bill.

Donalds tweeted on Monday: “After I heard about the debt ceiling deal, I was a NO. After reading the debt ceiling deal, I am absolutely NO!!”

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