Reports: Email exchange shreds Biden narrative about Hunter’s ‘business’ deals

by WorldTribune Staff, February 28, 2023

A recently-noted email from Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell” casts serious doubt on Joe Biden’s continued claims that he never participated in discussions about his son’s business dealings.

In the 2014 email, posted online by the Marco Polo research group, Hunter Biden describes his longtime business partner Eric Schwerin as a “close confidant and counsel” to then-Vice President Biden.

Hunter Biden, left, and Eric Schwerin

Hunter Biden made the comment in a Feb. 18, 2014 exchange with Schwerin, who asked Hunter to review a letter of recommendation he’d written on behalf of Joe Biden.

“Can you take a quick look at the attached? I am going to send it to your Dad (via Kathy) tomorrow and wanted to make sure you think this isn’t too over the top and that you think your Dad would be comfortable sending it,” wrote Schwerin, who was president of Hunter’s since-dissolved Rosemont Seneca Partners investment fund, in the email.

The attached file was titled “JRB CFR Rec,” an apparent reference to the Council on Foreign Relations. The email also named Joe Biden’s longtime executive assistant, Kathy Chung.

Hunter Biden responded on Feb. 22, 2014, telling Schwerin the letter was “good” before suggesting that he “tone down the ‘he and my son’ parts.”

“I think it’s better to just focus on the fact that you have been a close confidant and counsel to him and just say somewhere something like ‘as a business partner with my son at Rosemont Seneca…,’ ” Hunter Biden wrote.

Schwerin replied a few hours later, saying: “That was one part I was unsure of — was trying to make sure the reader understood there was a real relationship that it wasn’t just a letter he was writing for a friend of a friend or something.”

Schwerin added: “I already sent to Kathy but not sure she gave it to him yet so I will make those changes.”

In March 2015, then-President Barack Obama announced he was appointing Schwerin to the Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad — which works to preserve U.S.-linked historic places in Central and Eastern Europe.

Hunter Biden’s ex-wife, Kathleen Buhle, revealed in her memoir, “If We Break,” that Schwerin had handled “almost every aspect” of the Biden clan’s money matters.

“By now, Eric had managed almost every aspect of our financial lives, so our relationship was an awkward one. One born out of mutual need, perhaps. But I trusted him​,” Buhle wrote, describing an encounter with Schwerin ​at a cocktail party in the Dominican Republic.

Emails from 2010 show Schwerin was looped in on the transfer of Joe Biden’s Senate papers to the University of Delaware. The papers were later searched by investigators looking into Biden’s mishandling of “sensitive” and “classified” documents.

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