Reporter’s notebook: What’s ‘newsworthy’ in 2020 and what’s not

by WorldTribune Staff, December 25, 2020

From top Russiagate reporter Rowan Scarborough on social media:

How “journalism” works today. Stories liberal news media judged non-stories.

1. Tara Reade, a former Joe Biden staffer, accused him of sexual assault. Liberals generally ignored. Some did hit pieces — on her. Kamala Harris said she believed Reade. That comment ignored by liberal media throughout campaign. Biden never asked. #Metoo dies.

2. Senate Republican report on U.S. Treasury files that show Hunter Biden received millions from shady foreigners, including oligarchs and Chinese communist operators. While dad was vice president in most cases. China treated Hunter and uncle James to 100K shopping spree. Ignored by liberal news media.

3. Hunter Biden laptop. Contents confirmed. Demanded $10 million a year from Chinese tycoon for “introductions alone.” At least one meeting with dad arranged for a Ukraine oligarch rep. Liberal media covered by saying laptop a Russian plot. That’s what Obama-appointed intel people said, without evidence. Talk among Hunter partners of cutting Joe in on deal. No reporter has asked Biden if he received proceeds from son, as alleged in messages.

4. Hunter acknowledges he is under federal criminal investigation for possible tax fraud. Notified by U.S. attorney. Generally, for it to reach that stage something serious is alleged. Liberal media generally ignored.

5. On police body cam, wife of Georgia Democrat Senate candidate Raphael Warnock said he tried to run over her foot and implied he has done horrible things to her. Liberal media has ignored. If Republican Perdue, holy mackerel. CNN, MSNBC, NYTimes et al. blanket coverage.

Meanwhile, Congress’s $1.4 trillion omnibus spending bill is the “Swamp’s” annual masked ball. Lobbyists, law firms, PR maestros, consultants (all political donors) get fat around the holidays by plugging in millions of dollars for clients, foreign and domestic. It’s how the town’s wealthy establishment gleefully operates. It will not tolerate any president who challenges its power and tries to curtail the government cash flow.

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