Report: Taliban distributes ‘kill list’ of LGBT Afghans

by WorldTribune Staff, November 4, 2021

Team Biden allowed the Taliban to take over Afghanistan and is even engaged in direct talks with the terror organization.

In return, will the Taliban bend to Team Biden’s plea for diversity and inclusion in the Mideast nation?

Taliban fighters in Kabul / PTI

Doesn’t look like it.

The Taliban has created a “kill list” of suspected LGBT people in Afghanistan and is widely distributing it among its jihadis in an attempt to execute all those identified, the executive director of an organization dedicated to helping LGBT individuals in dangerous states told France24 in an interview published Tuesday.

“We now know for sure the Taliban has a ‘kill list,’ ” said Kimahli Powell, the head of the Rainbow Railroad, a Canadian NGO helping under-threat Afghans to flee into exile.

Powell the general uncertainty and unpredictability of Taliban rule has even led to some people turning in family members for suspected LGBT+ activity.

“This is really scary times, and people are trying to curry favor with the Taliban,” Powell said. “I think everyone’s trying to navigate that environment, and so if they (the Taliban) have identified LGBTQ+ people as a target, there’s an incentive to turn them in.”

“LGBT … That’s against our Sharia law,” Taliban “finance ministry” spokesman Ahmad Wali Haqmal told Reuters last week.

Reports of attacks and threats to LGBT people in Afghanistan emerged nearly immediately following Team Biden’s surrender to the Taliban. In August, a gay man told the Daily Mail anonymously that the Taliban is “hunting us … they kill us very brutally.”

“Not like the others who they kill with a gun or a bullet. They will use fire, or they will behead or stone us, and they will enjoy it – it’s acceptable to them,” the man detailed, adding that a friend had committed suicide.

ITV reported an incident in which Taliban jihadists tricked a gay man in Afghanistan by contacting him on social media and setting up a meeting.

“Two people raped him, they beat him, and then demanded his father’s number so they could tell him his son was gay,” ITV detailed.

The Advocate reported on a separate gruesome incident in Kabul in which the Taliban killed a 24-year-old gay man. The man’s boyfriend shared the story under a pseudonym.

“I go to my home and he went to his. He said they found him. Two cars came, with Taliban in it. They said, ‘Where is his home?’ and beat him so much,” the man said. “They took him away – nobody knows where – and then they kill him. Afterwards they said they brought the body and cut his body into pieces to show the people that this is what we do with gay people.”

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