Report: Laptop calendar confirms Joe-Hunter Burisma White House meeting

by WorldTribune Staff, February 16, 2023

A calendar entry from Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell” confirms that Hunter and business partner Devon Archer met with then-Vice President Joe Biden in his West Wing office at the White House on April 16, 2014, a report said.

The Bidens and Archer have long denied any such meeting took place.

Joe Biden and Hunter Biden

The Marco Polo group “exported Hunter Biden’s daily calendar from the laptop to me,” Mike McCormick noted in a Feb. 15 analysis.

The notation is “Meet Devon and (his son) Luke at WH” at 11:15 a.m. RHB is short for Robert Hunter Biden. According to White House visitor logs, the Archers entered the White House at 11:18 a.m. — right on time.

“This is a document that Hunter Biden controlled and managed, and it’s from a laptop that he now admits is his,” McCormick noted.

The Marco Polo group has set up a website which includes the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop including a searchable data base of all emails it contains.

“Proving Hunter participated in this long denied meeting is familiar territory for me. In a Substack last spring I had detailed how another of Joe’s operatives, Greg Schultz, had interacted with Hunter for his 10:30 coffee meeting. That makes him a Joe Biden staffer conferring with Hunter outside of traceable channels days before Joe heads to Ukraine,” McCormick wrote.

“Then last summer, I reported how emails and photos put the Archers and Hunter meeting with Joe for business with both Burisma and biowarfare contractor Metabiota. They lied their way out of it with gullible Adam Entous from the New Yorker by using the lame cover story a ‘book report by Luke.’ Notably, that day concluded with Joe and President Obama meeting privately in the presidential limousine.”

McCormick contends that the calendar entry and emails he has viewed show it was clear that “Devon and Hunter’s intention” was “to have Joe informed almost minute by minute of their progress with getting appointed to the Burisma board.”

Joe Biden “was more than a consultant,” McCormick added. “A close friend of Kwasniewski, the former president of Poland, Joe was clearly the architect of this deal. And a look at Hunter’s laptop calendar for the week leading up to this meeting offers the proof.”

The calendar shows that, 10 days before his son Hunter accepted a lucrative board position with Ukrainian natural gas conglomerate Burisma Holdings on April 18, 2014, Joe Biden met over breakfast with Hunter and his key operatives Ron Klain and Mike Donilon at Joe’s Naval Observatory residence.

“Hunter was just then back from meeting with Burisma executive Vadim Pozharskyi in Lake Como, Italy. Joe was soon off to Ukraine to deliver energy assistance, something he’d been working on since Putin’s Russian irregulars had invaded Crimea a little more than a month earlier. Burisma had most of its business then at risk from further Russian advances. No doubt, Joe and the VP Team debriefed Hunter on what Burisma wanted so they could strategize how best to exploit that crisis,” McCormick noted.

The timeline also shows that, two days before Hunter Biden accepted the lucrative board position with Burisma, Joe Biden met over breakfast with President Barack Obama’s key adviser David Axelrod at his Naval Observatory residence; met in his West Wing office with Hunter, his business partner Devon Archer, who had already been surreptitiously been admitted to the Burisma board, and Archer’s young son Luke; was photographed in his Ceremonial Office entertaining Devon and Luke Archer; took a selfie in during a long private, conversation while seated next to Barack Obama in Obama’s limousine.

Three days after Hunter accepted the Burisma position, Biden flew to Ukraine on behalf of the United States with an energy assistance plan that benefited Burisma and notified the American journalists then traveling with him, through his spokesman Jake Sullivan, that a substantial portion of the energy assistance would benefit natural gas fracking in Ukraine, for which Burisma held the only license.

“This makes Joe guilty of malfeasance in office and Jake Sullivan his co-conspirator, one of many,” McCormick wrote.

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