Report: Here are documented election fraud allegations that are not ‘baseless’

by WorldTribune Staff, January 6, 2021

More than 100 state legislators from Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Georgia sent an 11th hour letter Tuesday to Vice President Mike Pence saying they are not confident in the declarations that Joe Biden won their state and asked for 10 days to investigate further.

“That’s a large bloc, yes all Republican, but one that shouldn’t be ignored when their letter includes a massive index of evidence of irregularities, some of which have been validated by court rulings, official government documents or sworn affidavits,” John Solomon noted in a Jan. 6 analysis for Just the News.

President Donald Trump at the Jan. 6 Save America March.

The Just the News election integrity project documented some of the voting irregularities:

• Wisconsin illegally permitted large numbers of residents to evade voter ID requirements by simply declaring they were “indefinitely confined” at home because of Covid-19. Wisconsin’s Supreme Court ruled in December that state officials violated the law when they allowed this mass exemption without getting required legislative approval, putting in doubt as many as 200,000 votes.

• Officials in Fulton County, Georgia, home of the city of Atlanta, prematurely moved data cards from 36 voting machines before voting ended. State officials had advised the county that the cards should be removed just before they reached 10,000 votes, the apparent storage limit for the cards, but county officials admit they removed cards with as few as 3,000 counted votes and locked them in a cabinet. The exact reasons and chain of custody are not fully clear.

• Jessy Jacob, a career Detroit city employee with three decades of experience, testified both in an affidavit and at a legislative hearing that for weeks leading to Election Day and at least one full day after, she and her fellow election workers were instructed to manipulate and alter ballots and voter rolls, including falsely backdating ballot requests and actual ballots. City officials have not provided evidence to contest her claims.

• Multiple GOP election observers in states like Georgia, Michigan and Pennsylvania have testified they were wrongly dismissed on election night or kept from being able to provide bipartisan oversight as has been required and embraced for decades.

• Wisconsin did not, as required by state law, purge between 100,000 and 200,000 outdated voter registrations from its rolls before the November contest as had been done in prior elections. Litigation concerning this oversight is ongoing.

• Georgia state officials acknowledged last month they have 250 open cases of alleged voter fraud or irregularities from the 2020 election and rolled in additional state investigators to help.

• In Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, state election officials allowed county clerks to “cure” or “fix” errant ballots without rejecting them though the state legislatures had not approved such mechanisms. Some counties engaged in “curing” while others did not, fearful such activity was illegal.

Wisconsin, in particular, is gaining momentum for further investigations.

“We know laws were broken,” Wisconsin State Rep. Joe Sanfelippo said Tuesday. “That’s indisputable. What we don’t know is whether the breaking of those laws affected the outcome of the election.”

Sanfelippo said that is why he and other lawmakers are asking Pence for a week to 10-day delay to investigate.

“The U.S. Constitution gives us authority to determine how elections are run,” he said. “All of that assumes the law is going to be followed by those who implement it. And now that we know the law wasn’t followed in this election, so as state legislators is it up to us to determine did that have any effect on the outcome, to hold those people who didn’t follow the law accountable and to make sure in the future those laws are followed.”

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