Report: ‘Eight diverse, equitable and inclusive’ kids arrested in beating death of white Las Vegas teen

by WorldTribune Staff / 247 Real News November 15, 2023

Eight teens, ranging in age from 13 to 17, were arrested and charged with murder for the brutal beating that killed white 17-year-old Jonathan Lewis near Rancho High School in Las Vegas.

The eight suspects were taken into custody and booked in juvenile hall, the Las Vegas Metro Police Department said in a press conference on Wednesday.

Jonathan Lewis

Las Vegas Homicide Lt. Jason Johansson called the brutal attack “very void of humanity” and “heinous.”

Johansson said police do not have evidence the beating was a hate crime in response to speculation the attack involved a racial component.

Legacy media went out of its way to not mention that Lewis was white and the majority of his attackers were not, as shown in widely viewed video of the attack that has circulated on social media.

Revolver News noted: “Should we throw these vicious, heartless animals in prison for the rest of their worthless lives? That’s the sentiment coming from a shocked public, after watching the video of a mob of diverse, inclusive and equitable kids beating a white teenager to death simply because he stepped in to help a friend who was being robbed and bullied.”

On Nov. 1, Lewis confronted an individual or individuals over stolen wireless headphones and possibly a stolen vape pen stemming from incidents earlier in the week, Johansson said.

The items were stolen either from Lewis or one of Lewis’ friends, police said.

After the first punch was thrown between Lewis and one of the teens, a mob of students swarmed Lewis, knocked him to the ground and pummeled him with punches and kicks, according to footage posted online.

Lewis was later found by a citizen and was “battered and bleeding from the head.” He died from his injuries on Nov. 7.

Revolver News continued: “This incident is a blatant example of a racist hate crime. Yet, the mainstream media refuses to report it as such. They are protecting the group of teenagers, in a pathetic effort to maintain their political narrative that minorities are ‘victims’ and white people are the ‘real’ problem.

“Those eight monsters involved must face adult murder trials for their actions. Additionally, the media deserves shaming and ridicule for its biased reporting, which would have been totally different had the victim been a black child attacked by a mob of racist, violent white teenagers.”

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