Reality has left the station: 24 percent in poll say they knew someone who died from Covid jab

by WorldTribune Staff, November 3, 2023

Nearly one quarter of respondents in a new Rasmussen Reports survey say they personally knew someone who died as a result of the Covid shots. An even larger percentage indicated they would be interested in being part of a class action lawsuit against the Big Pharma manufacturers of the Covid injections.

The survey found that 24 percent “know someone personally who died from side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine,” and 42 percent would be “likely” to join a hypothetical “major class-action lawsuit against pharmaceutical companies for vaccine side effects.”

Among those who say they don’t know anyone who died from the Covid virus, nine percent say they know someone who died due to side effects from the shots.

Government employees “are more than twice as likely as private sector workers” to say someone they personally knew died from the injections, the survey said.

The survey found almost “no difference” between Republicans, Democrats, and the politically-unaffiliated on belief that personal acquaintances were killed by the jabs, Rasmussen said.

The survey of 1,110 adults was conducted in late October.

Vaccine Safety Research Foundation founder Steve Kirsch, in a Substack analysis of the Rasmussen’s survey, said it “confirms (yet again) that the Covid vaccine is a train wreck, the biggest healthcare disaster in our lifetime.”

If the survey’s findings are accurate, Kirsch added wrote, that would mean “56% of people who got vaccinated are or were vaccine injured in some way,” because “42% want to sue but only 75% were vaccinated. So 42/75=56%.” And if one accepts that a million people died from Covid itself, “then this poll suggests that 500K people died from the Covid vaccine (computed as 24/47×1.1M killed from COVID virus using the two numbers above from the survey).”

“[V]accine deaths are at least comparable to Covid deaths.” Kirsch argued. “But Covid deaths were inflated by at least 2X (because hospitals got paid when they reported a Covid death because the government was trying to encourage hospitals to kill people so they labeled everything they could a Covid death to maximize revenue). So we’re realistically looking at around 500,000 deaths caused by the vaccine if we put on our red pill glasses.”

The Kaiser Family Foundation found in a September survey that less than half of American adults (47 percent) plan to get the latest Covid booster. An Ipsos poll found last month that 37 percent of Americans are “not at all likely” to receive the latest booster.

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