Press swooned over Biden’s ‘spontaneous’ stop at bagel shop (co-owned by his covid czar)

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, January 26, 2021

The fawning corporate media couldn’t get enough of it. Here was the heroic Joe Biden doing something the Bad Orange Man would never think of doing, making a “spontaneous” stop at a Washington, D.C. bagel shop.

The media didn’t explain that a guy who has been in the Swamp for 50 years probably knows every restaurant, bagel shop and coffee house in the city, not to mention all the places where to procure other things that an accused serial pervert might crave.

Biden motorcade at a ‘spontaneous’ stop at a D.C. bagel shop co-owned by a Biden adviser. / Twitter

Reuters eagerly reported: “Biden waved at a crowd of cheering supporters near the shop, while his son Hunter waited at the takeout window before returning with a bag of bagels and some beverages.”

[Some observers noted that it was doubtful anyone checked to see if bagels and beverages were all that was in Hunter’s bag, wink-wink.]

Andrew Dana, 35, one of the owners of the shop, which is named Call Your Mother, told Reuters that Biden’s visit came as a surprise.

To have Biden “out and about visiting local business is really encouraging,” Dana said. “We love the positive vibes.”

The leftist Washington Post’s Seung Min Kim tweeted: “Biden has now visited the same number of restaurants that Donald Trump did in his entire four years in office. The former President never dined anywhere in DC other than the steakhouse in his Pennsylvania Avenue hotel.”

Anti-Trump activist Peter Baker of The New York Times tweeted: “The Bidens stop at Call Your Mother, the bagel shop in Georgetown, en route back to the White House — already a big change. Trying to remember but can’t recall Trump ever stopping anywhere in DC other than his own hotel.”

Starstruck NBC reporter Tom Lynch tweeted: “Biden never exited his motorcade but did wave to a crowd of cheering onlookers.”

Something else most of the corporate media didn’t explain but surely was aware of: Biden’s new covid adviser, Jeff Zients, is co-owner of the Call Your Mother bagel shop.

Jordan Schachtel noted in a Jan. 25 report for The Dossier that Zients, “who has no background in the healthcare or medical industry, has been selected as Biden’s ‘Covid Czar.’ The media has deemed him ‘Mr. Fix It’ because apparently he has ‘the ability to navigate thick bureaucracies.’ ”

Zients’s resume is impressively swampy, Schachtel noted. He “is a member in good standing of Washington D.C.’s top-tier revolving door lobbying, government, and consulting class. He has made a career for himself by moving seamlessly through these massive conflicts of interest. As the White House Covid response coordinator, Zients is now occupying a role previously held by Dr. Deborah Birx. In between government stints with the Obama and Biden administrations, Zients was most recently a Biden campaign bundler who was serving on the board of Facebook while also working as the CEO of an investment firm that is chaired by a Democrat megadonor.”

Schachtel concluded: ” ‘Quid Pro Joe’ gave some major publicity to a bagel shop owned by a man he now employs in the White House. Something tells me the media won’t be asking questions about how this potentially violates the Emoluments Clause, a provision in the Constitution that was often used to target President Trump. Did Zients at least hand over 10 percent to the big guy?”

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