Pre-debate Gallup poll shatters corporate media narrative on which candidate is more ‘presidential’

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, June 27, 2024 Contract With Our Readers

While his handlers prop him up during his public outings, Joe Biden’s allies in corporate media dutifully inflate his “presidential” rating, often saying he is more “presidential” than even Ronald Reagan (the contempt they have for Donald Trump is already well established).

But Americans are increasingly not buying what the legacy media is pushing if they are even paying attention to them at all.

A new poll from Gallup finds that Trump is more “presidential” than the shuffler-in-chief.

“In a poll that is overall deflating to Biden’s hopes for a second term, Trump wins when people are asked who has the better ‘presidential personality and leadership qualities,’ ” Washington Examiner columnist Paul Bedard noted of the pre-debate survey.

The poll’s respondents favored Trump 46% to 38%. Among the critical independent voting bloc, Trump beat out Biden 43% to 35%.

“The results are in contrast to the liberal media’s view that the Trump presidency, and former president himself, was a chaotic disaster and that Biden restored presidential leadership to the White House,” Bedard noted.

The poll also found:

• Republicans are far happier with Trump as their 2024 candidate than Democrats are with Biden, 79%-42%.
• Trump’s favorability is up to 46%, Biden’s is down to 37%.
• Nearly twice as many people believe Biden is too old to be president than Trump, 67%-37%.

Meanwhile, Trump began debate day with a preemptive strike at Biden and the Democrat political-media ruling class:

Trump followed that post, which moved on all social media accounts, with a humorous pre-debate reminder of Biden’s documented history of violating the Ninth Commandment (“You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor:):

Crooked Joe Biden’s “Handlers” are loudly and profusely complaining that there will be no Fact Checkers during the Debate on Thursday. Actually, that is just DISINFORMATION – They could not be happier, because there is nobody that’s as loose with the TRUTH as Crooked Joe. From the 51 Fake Intelligence Agents, to Russia, Russia, Russia, to the Fake “Suckers and Losers Story” he created about our beloved Military, to cheating in College and saying he was first in his Law School Class when he was actually LAST, to claiming he marched for Civil Rights, drove trucks, and has a 6.2 Handicap (He can’t hit the Golf Ball 10 yards, but that’s a minor detail!), and so many more falsehoods, the man is a walking LYING MACHINE, and a Fact Checker’s DREAM. Maybe we should call him “Lyin’ Joe” in addition to Crooked?

Meanwhile, X owner Elon Musk confirmed that he would ignore CNN‘s demands to block or remove live streams of the debate on Thursday.

Jason Walsh of The Daily Fetched noted that corporate news outlets had “began contacting social media companies, telling them to censor conservative news outlets and accounts during the debate.”

Podcaster Tim Pool said CNN told him he would not be legally allowed to simulcast the debate and provide his own commentary.

The Post Millennial said it received an email from CNN stating: “CNN’s debates are exclusive to CNN and may not be streamed or streamed with verbal or digital commentary on any platform or social media site by another party, other than the embeddable YouTube player via the CNN YouTube channel.”

The email also stated: “Podcast Use: Similar to broadcast rules, news organizations may use audio clips (up to 3:00 minutes at a time) on their shows after the debate concludes and must credit the ‘CNN Presidential Debate’ verbally in introducing the clip.”

Pool then asked Musk to clarify his stance on the situation.

Musk provided a clear response:

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