Poll: Actually, Tucker Carlson is more popular than Fox

by WorldTribune Staff, April 28, 2023

Following Tucker Carlson’s exit from Fox News, Andrew Bolt, an anchor at Murdoch-owned Sky News opined: “…It doesn’t matter how big you are, you are never bigger than the media organization that actually made you.”

Rasmussen poll: ‘Not surprisingly, Tucker Carlson is most popular among Republican voters and self-identified conservatives.’

Apparently that is wrong. It looks like Tucker Carlson actually is bigger than Fox News. Or, at least, more popular. That’s what a new poll is saying.

In the latest Rasmussen Reports survey, “the much-watched former prime-time anchor’s favorable ratings are higher than the cable network that fired him,” Washington Examiner columnist Paul Bedard noted.

The Rasmussen survey showed Carlson with a 59% favorable rating versus Fox’s 52%.

And far more believe that Carlson’s departure will make Fox worse, not better: 32%-19%. Some 41% said it wouldn’t have an impact.

However, among its hardcore viewership, including Republicans and independents, the firing could have a big effect. Rasmussen found that Republicans, by a margin of 47%-13%, said the move would make Fox worse. Among independents, the margin was 32%-15%.

Here’s another indicator:

Carlson’s video clip, posted on Twitter on Wednesday night at 8 p.m., received over 1.8 million views in less than an hour after its release. By Thursday morning, the video had received 15 million views. By comparison, Carlson’s prime time replacement, Brian Kilmeade, received a total of 1.7 million viewers on Tuesday night.

The Rasmussen survey revealed Carlson’s viewership base. “Not surprisingly, Carlson is most popular among Republican voters and self-identified conservatives. Carlson is viewed at least somewhat favorably by 71% of Republicans, 48% of Democrats, and 55% of voters not affiliated with either major party. Fifty-five percent (55%) of conservatives have a very favorable impression of Carlson, but only 18% of liberal and moderate voters share that opinion. Forty-eight percent (48%) of liberals have a very unfavorable view of Carlson,” Rasmussen said.

Other details from the survey:

• Fox News gets very favorable ratings from 28% of female voters and 19% of male voters, while 36% of both male and female voters have a very favorable impression of Carlson.

• Fox News is viewed at least somewhat favorably by 52% of whites and 50% of black voters and other minorities. Black voters are particularly likely to say Carlson’s departure will make Fox News worse.

• Voters under 40 are about four times more likely than their elders to believe the departure of Carlson will make Fox News better.

Joe Rogan said Carlson would have a huge following if he hosted a podcast on a platform such as Rumble: “He’s really designed for the Internet… he’s going [to the Internet] unless they’ve paid him off. If I was a person in a position of power and a wild card like Tucker Carlson got released from Fox News and maybe Rumble makes a deal with him or something like that. Do you have any idea how fucking big that would be? It could make that app, that platform. If Tucker Carlson goes over there, it would be worth for it for them to invest a considerable amount of money in him.”

Rogan added: “If I was Fox News that is the last thing I would want. So I would make sure that we have him locked up through the entire term of some contract, some no-compete, and pay him off. You’d be better off just giving him the same amount of money he made when he was on air than having him oppose you.”

Meanwhile, conservative commentator Jack Posobiec, in a Telegram post, pointed to Carlson’s speech at the 50th anniversary celebration for the Heritage Foundation as a possible catalyst for his firing from Fox.

“Fox fired Tucker after he gave a major speech calling for an increase in prayer and a return to God to fight the spiritual evil in our society. Hard to overlook this,” Posobiec said.

Here is Carlsons’ 36-minute speech in full:

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