Police: Trans charged with murdering parents in Washington, Utah ‘has no remorse’

by WorldTribune Staff / 247 Real News June 20, 2024

A biological male who is transitioning to female has expressed “no remorse” for shooting and killing her parents and attempting to shoot her brother, police in Washington, Utah said.

Mia Bailey

Through their investigation, police initially identified Collin Bailey as a suspect in the double homicide. Bailey is transitioning to female and reportedly now goes by Mia Bailey, police said.

Mia Bailey, 28, who admitted to killing Joseph and Gail Bailey, surrendered to authorities Wednesday morning after an overnight search that stretched throughout the area in southwest Utah. Bailey is being held at Purgatory Correctional Facility in Hurricane pending a preliminary hearing.

“Mia further stated that she did not have remorse for her actions and that she would not change what she had done,” the police report states. “Mia stated, ‘I would do it again. I hate them.’ ”

On Tuesday, a neighbor’s security camera showed Bailey arrived at the residence in her Kia Soul vehicle.

Bailey reportedly told police she entered her parents’ house and “immediately began shooting at her mother.” Police said they found multiple spent casings from a 9mm handgun in the front room next to the mother, who was lying face down with no signs of life.

Police said Bailey described her father approaching her after he heard the shots. Bailey told police she shot her father in the head, and he “immediately dropped to the ground.”

Bailey said she then went downstairs to the basement of the home, seeking her brother Cory to find a locked door. Bailey said she fired one round in the direction of her brother through the door. Bailey said she then went back upstairs.

She later told police that her brother was not her main target, but “she would not have been sad had the gunshot killed him.” Police said the brother was not hit, but a bullet hole was found in the door.

Cory Bailey told police that he and his wife had locked the door after hearing the gunshots and commotion upstairs. They then fled out a downstairs window to a neighbor’s house.

After she went upstairs, Mia Bailey reportedly told police she saw her father lying on the ground and shot him one more time in the head to “make sure he was dead.” She said she then heard her mother making noises and shot her one more time in the head.

Bailey faces 10 first-degree felonies including two counts of aggravated murder, aggravated burglary, and six counts of felony discharge of a weapon.

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