Out of their minds? Team Biden open to fighting global warming by blocking the sun

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, July 2, 2023

Is an intervention at the highest level called for? Yes, according to the Biden White House, but not at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

The White House called for research on “solar and other rapid climate interventions” in a new report seemingly written by the powerful lobby the late Rush Limbaugh called “environmental wackos”.

Earlier this year, Joe Biden declared global warming to be “the single most existential threat to humanity we have ever faced, including nuclear weapons.”

Now Team Biden says it is open to the possibility of blocking sunlight from hitting the surface of the Earth in a bid to halt global warming.

In the report released Friday, Team Biden operatives suggested limiting sunlight to rapidly cool the planet, a process known as solar radiation modification (SRM).

“Despite some scientists warning the effort could have untold side effects from altering the chemical makeup of the atmosphere,” the Biden administration has “admitted they’re open to the idea, which has never been attempted before,” Daily Mail online noted.

The White House report listed several ways authorities could look at to block out the sun.

One method would be to significantly increase the amount of aerosols in the stratosphere, which would reflect the sun’s rays from the planet.

Other methods include increasing cloud coverage over oceans, or reducing the amount of cirrus cloud formations which reflect solar radiation back to the Earth.

The White House said a “program of research” into SRM would “enable better-informed decisions about the potential risks and benefits’ of blocking the sun.”

“SRM offers the possibility of cooling the planet significantly on a timescale of a few years,” the White House claimed.

The White House also admitted in its report that attempting to block out the sun could have severe ramifications on weather patterns and food supplies, which would in turn impact biodiversity, geopolitics, and health.

It also suggested that committing to the idea then backtracking and changing course could lead to abrupt warming as the sun’s rays suddenly heat the Earth once more.

Meanwhile, billionaire globalist Bill Gates has funded a study on technology to control the weather.

The Gates experiment involves launching a high-altitude balloon about 12 miles into the atmosphere. A small amount of material is then released to create a “perturbed air mass” about 100 yards wide and a half-mile long. Instruments carried by the balloon monitor that region for changes in aerosol density, atmospheric chemistry and light scattering.

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