Our entry for the gold medal in the ‘Tech support hell’ category

[Editors’ note: The following slightly-edited (to protect the guilty) transcript involving our futile effort to get our sister site back online is shared for readers’ enjoyment.]


(7:59) [Lee] Hello, my name is Lee and I’ll be helping you today. I’m talking to multiple people at a time so I’ll just take a minute to read over your question. In the meantime, for security purposes could you please provide me with the last 4 characters of the cPanel password or the pin number you set up on the account please? And can I also get your domain name?

Meeting From Hell(7:59) [support Chat] Our site, ___.com, is down

(8:0) [Lee] Okay, I need the last four of the cpanel password

(8:1) [support Chat] ___

(8:1) [Lee] One moment

(8:1) [Lee] When you say it’s down, what do you mean exactly?

(8:2) [support Chat] We cannot access the site or the WordPress console

(8:3) [Lee] It looks like you’re out of hard drive space

(8:4) [Lee] I can reboot and then you can work on deleting files or adding additional space

(8:5) [Lee] But your site won’t work till you have space

(8:6) [support Chat] We’re not doing much with this site. Can’t imagine why it would be using significant hard drive space.

(8:8) [Lee] It’s showing failed to connect to socket

(8:8) [Lee] Which comes from lack of space

(8:8) [Lee] But I can reboot it may just need to be rebooted

(8:11) [Lee] Sorry, but due to inactivity I will have to close the chat. If you need further assistance please feel free to chat back in at any time! Have a great day!