Oops: New site of MLB All-Star game is named after conservative think tank co-founder

by WorldTribune Staff, April 9, 2021

Did Major League Baseball wake up today to find out it is not nearly as woke as it was thinking?

Coors Field in Denver / Wikimedia Commons

When MLB moved its All-Star game out of Atlanta over objections to Georgia’s new voter integrity law, the game was moved to Denver’s Coors Field, home of the Colorado Rockies.

The field in Denver is named after Joseph Coors, a co-founder of the conservative think tank Heritage Foundation and former president of Coors Brewing Company, who died in 2003.

Although racial politics had nothing directly to do with the decision, it’s worth noting that Colorado is 87 percent white compared to Georgia which is 58 percent white according to 2019 census data.

“Without Joe Coors, the Heritage Foundation wouldn’t exist,” according to the Associated Press. Coors continued to support the foundation for many years with an annual contribution of $300,000.

Coors was also a huge supporter of Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan. He also set up a legal foundation that challenged part of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, Breitbart News noted in an April 6 report.

Meanwhile, Louisiana Republican Sen. John Kennedy said in a Fox News interview on Wednesday that “the decision by Rob Manfred, the commissioner of Major League Baseball to turn baseball into a blue sport, it just really makes me want to heave.”

“Whether you agree or disagree with the Georgia law, I don’t think any of us, I know I don’t, want to have to think about politics when we watch baseball,” Kennedy added. “And what disturbs me equally about Manfred’s decision is he hasn’t explained it.”

Kennedy noted that Manfred “hasn’t explained why he thinks that Georgia’s law, which I think was an honest effort toward election integrity, is racist. Now, Mr. Manfred, he looks like a smart guy, went to Cornell. He graduated from Harvard Law School. He probably washed his hands before it was cool. I think if he’s going to do this to Major League Baseball, he owes an explanation.”

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