Obama’s White House doctor: Biden appears to be ‘just lost’

by WorldTribune Staff, August 18, 2020

Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities and stamina have been called into question by the chief White House doctor to former President Barack Obama.

“The best way I can describe him every time I see him is that he’s just lost,” said Dr. Ronny Jackson, the former White House physician to Obama and President Donald Trump.

‘I know he’s always been prone to gaffes, but these aren’t gaffes anymore.’ / YouTube

“I won’t make any particular diagnosis about dementia. … But what I will say is that something is not right,” added the retired Navy rear admiral who recently won a House GOP primary in Texas.

Jackson said that he is “not comfortable” with Biden being commander in chief. “I’m not,” he said of the top Democrat, set to be nominated by the Democratic Party for president on Thursday.

Jackson’s comments are part of the upcoming book from Donald Trump Jr., “Liberal Privilege: Joe Biden and the Democrats’ Defense of the Indefensible”, which comes out Sept. 1 but is already selling fast on his website, DonJr.com. Excerpts of the book were provided to Washington Examiner columnist Paul Bedard.

The former White House doctor told Trump Jr. that he hasn’t reviewed Biden’s records but said that he witnessed the changes to Obama’s vice president in person and over time.

“Speaking as someone who was in the White House, [I] saw him frequently around the West Wing and other places like that,” Jackson said. “I know he’s always been prone to gaffes, but these aren’t gaffes anymore. He can’t form sentences. Sometimes, he can’t complete a thought. I mean, he gets stuck, and he doesn’t know how to get out of the situation that he’s in. And he just finally has to give up.”

Recent polls have shown that the public is also worried about Biden’s mental health, with more the 50 percent in one recent survey saying they didn’t think Biden would make it through one term in office.

In Trump Jr.’s book, Jackson noted the major media’s double standards on the health of Republicans and Democrats:

“There’s such an incredible double standard with these people [in the media]. … To my knowledge, the president has never made one single flaw in anything he said that would ever lead anyone to believe that he has any cognitive issues whatsoever. … Vice President Biden does it every single day. So much so they won’t even let him speak anymore! And nobody says a damn thing about it. It’s crazy; it’s hypocrisy at its highest.”

Trump Jr. agreed, writing: “If Trump made even one Joe Biden gaffe, they would never let it go — we would get a full telepsychiatrist diagnosis, ethics be damned. If Trump had suffered two brain aneurysms and had undergone brain surgeries, people would rightfully bring it up — they would be putting together cause and effect. And they would be right to question if he had a health history like Biden’s! It would be a daily onslaught, but for Joe it’s crickets.”

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