Not satire: White racism causes climate change, AOC explains

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, April 23, 2021

America is so racist that whenever white supremacists engage in systemic racist behavior an ice cap melts.

Socialist New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stated her case on Wednesday.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

In an Earth Day Eve address aimed at re-launching her contentious Green New Deal, AOC said: “The climate crisis is a crisis born of injustice, and it is a crisis born of the pursuit of profit at any and all human and ecological cost.

“Which means that we must recognize in legislation that the trampling of indigenous rights is a cause of climate change, that the trampling of racial justice is a cause of climate change.”

In connecting the dots of her proclamation, Ocasio-Cortez alleged: “Because we are allowing people … to deny ourselves human rights and deny people the right to health care, the right to housing and education.”

A clip of AOC’s comments had been viewed more than 750,000 times by Wednesday after being shared on Twitter by Mike Berg, the deputy director of communications for the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC).

“Truly impressive woke word salad here,” commented Logan Hall of The Daily Caller, as others joked about other possible ills the lawmaker could go on to blame for climate change.

One commentator even suggested that AOC’s “logic” could be used to ultimately even blame her for the climate. One poster quipped: “She certainly generates a lot of hot air.”

Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has challenged AOC to a live, televised debate on the economic policy behind the Green New Deal.

Greene pitched the idea Wednesday via Twitter, telling her fellow lawmaker she’d like to debate “Green New Deal economic policy.”

“Since you sponsored the Green New Deal and have a degree in Economics, I’m sure you are more than qualified,” Greene continued. “I just have a degree in Business Admin and have owned a construction company for 20 years.”

Team Biden’s climate adviser, Gina McCarthy, “said the United States needs to be humble going into this week’s Earth Day summit after four years away from global climate negotiations while President Donald Trump was in office,” ABC News reported.

“There’s no question that that we have to come back with a lot of eating a lot of humble pie,” she said.

Meanwhile, Breitbart News’ Joel B. Pollak reported on the merit of Ocasio-Cortez’s proposal: “The Green New Deal, in short, is a document worthy of a 19th-century communist manifesto — or a 21st-century undergraduate student council resolution. It presents claims unsupported by scientific evidence; makes demands for every benefit imaginable; and has no idea how to build or pay for any of it.”

Meanwhile, the fully vaccinated Joe Biden was the only one wearing a face mask during a virtual climate change meeting with foreign heads of state on Thursday.

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