Not satire: Bill Gates invests $4.8 million in face masks for cows

by WorldTribune Staff, March 21, 2023

If cows won’t voluntarily get in line with climate change activism, Bill Gates will spend millions of dollars to force them to do so.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation this month awarded a $4.8 million grant to the Zero Emissions Livestock Project (ZELP), “which claims its artificial intelligence mask technology for livestock will reduce methane emissions and help curb climate change,” Dr. Suzanne Burdick noted in a March 20 report for The Defender.

Bill Gates is shelling out millions to make stubborn cows mask up.

Cows and other ruminant animals emit methane in the process of digesting their food.

According to ZELP, the mask goes around the cow’s head and captures methane gas exhaled by the animal, oxidizing it and then releasing it into the air as carbon dioxide and water vapor.

“Our AI is trained to detect heat, flag welfare conditions, and identify the most efficient animals with a high-level of accuracy,” ZELP said.

Howard Vlieger, a third-generation farmer Howard Vlieger, said the Gates-funded venture is illogical and driven by greed.

“This is what you would get when you combine greed and stupidity,” said Vlieger, who advises crop and livestock farmers across the U.S.

Will Harris, a fourth-generation regenerative farmer who runs his family’s farm White Oak Pastures, told The Defender all he could say was, “Surely this is a hoax.”

The mask police, who relished in screaming at people not wearing, or not properly wearing, their masks during the Covid outbreak are said to be chomping at the bit at the opportunity to tell cows to “mask up.”

Blogger Tessa Lena said in a March 14 post that the cow smart mask is a step in normalizing “smart” facewear for both animals and humans — something that is “a win-win for all fascists.”

Lena added: “It’s a very lucrative ‘product adoption curve for Big Tech — and extremely consistent with how they’ve been going about their ‘product adoption curves’ since day one of the industry’s existence.”

Smart faceware is also “useful to the totalitarian types in the government” and a “treasure trove of yummy ‘new oil’ biometric data for the delight of all fascists,” Lena added.

Burdick noted that masking cows isn’t the first “money-making tech fix Gates has attempted to apply to a natural problem. Last year, the billionaire partnered with Samsung in an attempt to make a toilet that would turn human feces into ash.”

Gates also recently claimed his genetically altered seeds were necessary for solving world hunger because climate change alters growing conditions.

He also promotes AI-driven digital agriculture that relies on large-scale monocultures and is “basically a surveillance agriculture,” according to environmental activist Vandana Shiva.

The technology forces farmers “to get addicted to chemicals and chemical fertilizers” that harm the planet and people while reducing natural biodiversity, Shiva said.

Shiva said Gates’ solutions ignore obvious natural remedies for environmental problems, such as the regenerative agriculture practices of managed grazing and natural soil enrichment.

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