Nord Stream sabotage: Trump offers to broker deal between U.S., Russia, and Ukraine to end war

by WorldTribune Staff, September 28, 2022

Following reports on Tuesday that three leaks in Russia’s Nord Stream pipelines were acts of sabotage, former President Donald Trump called for a negotiated deal to end the Russia-Ukraine war and offered to mediate it.

Authorities in Sweden and Denmark reported that the leaks in the pipelines, which run under the Baltic Sea from Russia to Germany, were not accidental, but rather likely a result of “sabotage.”

Large patches of roiling gas could be seen on the surface following the underwater explosions.

Prime Minister of Denmark Mette Frederiksen told reporters: “It is now the clear assessment by authorities that these are deliberate actions. It was not an accident.”

European Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen confirmed the leaks were caused by “sabotage,” and warned of the “strongest possible response” should active European energy infrastructure be attacked.

In a Truth Social post, Trump said “U.S. ‘Leadership’ should remain ‘cool, calm, and dry’ on the SABOTAGE of the Nord Stream Pipelines. This is a big event that should not entail a big solution, at least not yet. The Russia/Ukraine catastrophe should NEVER have happened, and would definitely not have happened if I were President.”

Trump continued: “Do not make matters worse with the pipeline blowup. Be strategic, be smart (brilliant!), get a negotiated deal done NOW,” he added. “Both sides need and want it. The entire World is at stake. I will head up group???”

On Monday, Swedish seismologists reported the detection of underwater explosions, shortly after which large patches of roiling gas could be seen on the surface in the same area.

The size of the Nord Stream pipeline gas leak is huge, according to the Danish armed forces. It measures about 1 kilometer in diameter. The smaller circle in the center is approximately 200 meters wide

The question remains, what (or who) caused the blasts?

Two weeks before Russia invaded Ukraine, Joe Biden’s handlers sent him out to say the following:

“If Russia invades…then there will be no longer a Nord Stream 2. We will bring an end to it.”

Earlier this year, Team Biden’s Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland said the following:

German magazine Spiegel reported, citing unnamed sources, that the CIA had tipped off Berlin this summer about possible attacks on the pipelines.

In June, Sea Power magazine reported on the BALTOPS 22 (Baltic Operations) exercise in which the U.S. Navy 6th Fleet partnered with U.S. Navy research and warfare centers “to bring the latest advancements in unmanned underwater vehicle mine hunting technology to the Baltic Sea to demonstrate the vehicle’s effectiveness in operational scenarios.”

Experimentation was conducted off the coast of Bornholm, Denmark, the report said. Analysts noted that all three leaks in the Nord Stream pipelines were in areas relatively close to Bornholm.

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