Navarro book chronicles ‘Plague Year’, saw Pence as ‘Brutus who will betray this American Caesar’

by WorldTribune Staff, September 24, 2021

In a video excerpt of his new book, Peter Navarro, an adviser to President Donald Trump, describes Vice President Mike Pence as a “Brutus who will betray [the] American Caesar.”

Navarro was likely referring to the refusal by Pence to address evidence of widespread voter fraud in several states after the Nov. 3 election.

In the book, “In Trump Time”, Navarro writes: “On this unseasonably warm day, I’m sitting in the East Room of the White House watching President Donald John Trump as he is surrounded on stage by a high-ranking delegation of Chinese Communist Party officials, several members of his own trade team, and a Brutus who will betray this American Caesar almost exactly a year later: Vice President Michael Richard Pence.”

The book, set for release on Nov. 2, chronicles what Navarro describes as America’s “plague year” and details how Navarro says he sounded the alarm about the Chinese Communist Party, the coronavirus, Anthony Fauci’s harmful recommendations, and the election tumult.

“The book tells the story of a President who worked night and day for the American people, who built the strongest economy in modern history, and with the private sector delivered PPE, therapeutics, and vaccines literally at warp speed,” a press release for the book states.

National File’s Andrew White noted on Sept. 22 that Pence “is campaigning to distance himself from his betrayals of the Constitution, President Trump, and MAGA supporters going back as far as 2016, in an attempt to resurface in the political arena alongside career RINOs like Paul Ryan and the globalist political class of Washington, D.C. as he mulls a bid for President in 2024.

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