‘Name and shame’: Ad campaign hits Nike, Coke, American Airlines to ‘give consumers a voice’

by WorldTribune Staff, May 18, 2021

Corporate WATCH

Companies which believed they could bury their own corporate sins by jumping on the woke train are being targeted in a new “name and shame” ad campaign by a consumer organization.

American Airlines, Coca-Cola, and Nike are the first three targets of the Consumers First Initiative, which was announced on May 18 by Consumers’ Research.

The ads specifically call out leadership at the companies, highlighting areas where they have been criticized, and pointing out that working to solve these company problems would be a better use of their time than engaging in politics as far as customers are concerned.

“We are giving consumers a voice. These companies should be putting their energy and focus on serving their customers, not woke politicians,” Will Hild, Executive Director of Consumers’ Research.

American Airlines, which requires passengers to show ID to fly, has attacked Texas’s popular voter-ID law.

Coca-Cola CEO James Quincey blasted the Georgia election integrity law signed in March as “unacceptable,” but then the company appeared to back down under pressure from Republicans, saying it was “time to find common ground.”

Nike supported the “take a knee” protests in the NFL and was one of the first corporations to back Black Lives Matter during rioting and looting following the death of George Floyd.

“American Airlines shrunk legroom for passengers and laid off thousands of employees during the covid pandemic while receiving billions in taxpayer bailouts,” Hild said. “Coca-Cola and Nike have both been exploiting foreign, potentially forced, labor in China while American workers suffer. It is time these corporate giants were called to task.”

Founded in 1929, Consumers’ Research began as a product-testing lab that challenged deceptive corporate claims and advertising, and now concentrates on consumer education.

The Consumers First Initiative campaign launched with separate ads for American Airlines, Coca-Cola, and Nike. Each of the ads concludes with “Serve your customers, not woke politicians.”

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