‘Joe will be kept comfortable’: Harris shares her compassionate side with reporters


In an honest and heartfelt talk with reporters, Kamala Harris discussed some of the tough decisions they now have to face in light of Biden’s ankle injury. Harris is assuring the public these decisions will be handled with the utmost sensitivity and compassion.

“I can tell you this,” said Harris. “Joe will be kept comfortable. He will be resuscitated if I wish, and then a discussion will ensue between me and my doctor about how we should move forward in the most humane way possible. In the end, this must always be the woman’s choice, and I will make this choice privately between me and my doctor.” …

[Reminded that her comment was identical to that of Virginia Gov. Northam about babies who survive abortion, Harris stayed on message.] “Joe Biden’s existence is inconvenient for me and my presidential ambitions. I owe my career to the right to choose, and I will exercise that right whenever I can!”


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