It’s ‘Pride Month’: Do you know where your children are?

by WorldTribune Staff, June 5, 2023

Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene said the D.C. Metro rail system, which receives federal funding, should not be boasting about ferrying children to “Pride Month” events.

Quote-tweeting a message sent by the Metro’s official Twitter account about the Children’s Pride Parade, which was hosted by the D.C. Public Library on Saturday, Greene noted: “The Metro was funded $150 million last year from the Federal Transit Authority. Federal funding (taxpayers dollars) should not be used to groom children.”

Meanwhile, the following tweet which is making the rounds perfectly encapsulates public schools in 2023 and makes a compelling case for home schooling, some observers are saying:

Meanwhile, U.S. State Department facilities from Bogota, Columbia to Pretoria, South Africa are celebrating Pride Month by prominently displaying the rainbow flag. Embassies in Warsaw, Poland and the Philippines joined in, but “there were notable exceptions from the global celebration of ‘Pride,’ ” engineered by the U.S. leftist woke cabal, David Greenfield noted in a June 5 analysis for Front Page magazine.

There is “no mention of Pride Month in our outreach to the Muslim world,” Greenfield noted.

“The Saudis would seem to be more in need of hearing about gay rights than the Haitians or the French since under Sharia law the penalty for pride is being stoned to death,” Greenfield wrote. “The Pakistanis could also use a few rainbow flags since they lock up gay people while freeing terrorists.”

Team Biden recently threatened retaliation against Uganda for passing laws criminalizing homosexuality. “There has been talk of threatening one of the poorest nations in the world with sanctions,” Greenfield noted. “But where are the sanctions for Saudi Arabia? Or other Muslim countries?”

In 2021, the U.S. embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan promoted Pride Month. What happened between Pride Month 2021 in Kabul and all the lost pride months since?

“Afghanistan, like the rest of the Muslim world, is now fully run under Sharia law. We didn’t have to worry about offending the old puppet regime, but we strive not to offend the Taliban,” Greenfield noted. “There’s no more talk of Pride Month to Afghans, no lesbian studies or any of the stuff that our diplomats used to waste their time on while American boys were fighting and dying in valleys.”

Team Biden “will fly its Pride flags in Vatican City and Jerusalem, but you won’t hear about it in Riyadh, Doha, Islamabad or Kabul. In the great intersectional roundabout, Muslims are higher on the totem pole than drag queens and not a word must be said to offend them. It’s alright to offend Catholics and Orthodox Jews, but thou shalt not cross a Koranist,” Greenfield continued.

“Like feminism, the LGBTQ movement stops at the line in the sand drawn by Sharia law. And the Biden administration, the State Department, and the alphabet soup activists are fine with that, because it was never about rights, but about bringing down western civilization.”

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