How badly does WaPo want Joe out? They wrote a withdrawal speech for him

by WorldTribune Staff, July 5, 2024 Contract With Our Readers

Several legacy media outlets have jumped on the dump Joe Biden bandwagon after the 81-year-old’s debate catastrophe.

One has gone so far as to write a withdrawal speech for Biden.

That would be The Washington Post.

The piece by the Post’s Editorial Board is titled “What if Biden spoke these words?”.

The words WaPo wants to put on Biden’s teleprompter include:

“A large part of me still wants to stay in the fight. But, at this moment, the nation needs something I cannot provide: a leader with the energy to run a vigorous campaign and then to work for America, at all hours, for the next four years.”

Biden has insisted he is not dropping out of the race. As for the “at all hours” part, that’s a different story. In a call with Democrat governors on Wednesday, Biden said he needs more sleep and will avoid work events after 8 p.m., multiple reports said.

The Post’s speech walked through Biden’s decades-long service in U.S. politics, acknowledging that his “season of service is nearing its close.” The speech cited George Washington’s decision to step down from office “though the Constitution at the time did not require it,” noting the first president understood when his time of service came to a close.

The Post suggested Biden call for a new process to find his replacement:

“The Democratic National Committee, senior Democratic leaders and I have agreed on an orderly process to select our next nominee, which will include debates between now and our convention in August. My vice president, Kamala Harris, has graciously and courageously agreed to participate. Though Democratic primary voters cannot be included at this late date, their delegates will make the final choice,” the Post wrote, specifically including Harris as an option.

“Between now and November, I will do all I can to support the next Democratic nominee — and to encourage Americans to rediscover the optimism and energetic spirit that built this nation,” the WaPo suggested Biden should say upon withdrawing.

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