Greenwood hero hit shooter from 40 yards with very first shot from his Glock

by WorldTribune Staff, July 20, 2022

Using his legally owned and carried 9mm Glock, Elisjsha Dicken engaged and neutralized the mass shooter at Greenwood Park Mall within 15 seconds of the gunman opening fire, police say.

Dicken got off 10 rounds and hit the gunman with 8 of them, killing him.

Elisjsha Dicken

Dicken’s first shot, from 40 yards away, struck the gunman, police said, adding that Dicken was very proficient and tactically sound.

Police say Dicken, age 22, was shopping with his girlfriend Sunday at the mall located on the south side of Indianapolis when he stopped at a cookie counter close to the main walkways of the mall. When the gunman exited a restroom and opened fire, police say Dicken was quick to respond.

Dicken started making his way towards the gunman, motioning for people to leave behind him. The gunman tried to retreat back into the restroom, but Dicken continued on, shooting the suspect until he fell, police say.

According to police, Dicken hit the shooter from 40 yards away on the very first shot.

Police identified Jonathan Douglas Sapirman, age 20, as the gunman.

“The surveillance video shows Sapirman exit the restroom at 5:56:48 p.m.,” police said. “He was neutralized by Dicken 15 seconds later at 5:57:03 p.m.”

Police took Dicken to the Greenwood Police Department while they watched the security video and spoke with other witnesses to confirm what Dicken told them. During the whole process, police say Dicken fully cooperated.

Dicken had no police training or military background.

Police also confirmed Dicken was carrying a gun under the constitutional carry law that went into effect July 1.

Johnson County Coroner Mike Pruitt said an autopsy found the suspect had eight gunshot wounds and none were self-inflicted.

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