‘Globalist military’: Jack Posobiec and film crew detained at Davos

by WorldTribune Staff / 247 Real News May 23, 2022

Journalist Jack Posobiec of Human Events and his film crew were detained without explanation in Davos, Switzerland on Monday as they were covering the gathering of globalists pushing the Great Reset at the World Economic Forum.

Jack Posobiec

In footage posted to Twitter, Davos police can be seen surrounding Posobiec and his crew. When a woman he was with began asking questions, a policewoman in plain clothes asked her to stop filming.

Founded in 1971 by German economist Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum is an unaccountable, non-governmental organization which convenes meetings of world leaders in Davos, Switzerland, with the goal of impacting policy decisions on behalf of its members: predominantly multi-national corporations and politicians.

The policewoman said “We’re just making a normal police patrol, because you know, it’s WEF…”

“Is there a reason he specifically was targeted?” the woman asked.

“There is a reason, because we have to have a reason to control a person.”

When asked what the reason was, the policewoman said “I don’t have to tell you.”

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