Get ready: Three years after Covid ‘Reset’, Dr. Mercola tracks next wave

by WorldTribune Staff, January 15, 2023

The World Health Organization (WHO) has drafted a global treaty on pandemic preparedness that would grant the WHO absolute power over global biosecurity, including the power to implement digital identities/vaccine passports, mandatory vaccinations, travel restrictions, standardized medical care and more.

The treaty failed to pass last year, but will most likely pass in 2023.

This globalist cabal’s pursuit of a one world totalitarian government comes three years after the World Economic Forum (WEF) used the Covid pandemic to begin to institute its “Great Reset.”

The WHO treaty “will change the global landscape and strip you of some of your most basic rights and freedoms. It’s a direct attack on the sovereignty of its member states, as well as a direct attack on your bodily autonomy,” Dr. Joseph Mercola wrote in a Jan. 15 analysis.

“With this treaty in place, all member nations will be subject to the WHO’s dictates. If the WHO says every person on the planet needs to have a vaccine passport and digital identity to ensure vaccination compliance, then that’s what every country will be forced to implement, even if the people have rejected such plans using local democratic processes.”

As Covid was spreading, the WHO conveniently changed its definition of “pandemic” to “a worldwide epidemic of a disease.” This definition omits the original specificity of severe illness that causes high morbidity.

“Just about anything could be made to fit the pandemic criterion” under the new definition, Mercola noted. “They could also declare a global pandemic for noninfectious threats, like global warming or even obesity. The declaration would allow them to circumvent all laws in place to preserve our freedom and implement tyrannical measures, like the lockdowns that were implemented in the Covid pandemic.”

Mercola said individuals can prepare for what the WHO aspires to unleash:

• One of the most important preparations you can make is to secure a supply of potable water, as you can survive far longer without food than you can without water. An ideal system to consider, especially if you also have a garden, is to install a large cistern to collect rainwater.

• Mercola also recommends stocking up on healthy, nutritious shelf-stable foods that you eat on a regular basis anyway. That way, you can rotate your stock. Animal protein would be one of the most important supplies to stock up on, which means you’ll need extra freezer storage. It would likely make sense to get another freezer to store enough meat for three to six months.

• To prepare for eventual energy shortages, brownouts, rolling blackouts or a complete shutdown of the power grid, consider one or more power backups, such as gas-powered generators and/or solar generator kits such as Jackery or Inergy. Having backup power can prevent the loss of hundreds of dollars worth of food if your home loses electricity for more than a couple of days.

• Resist the march toward central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). It seems like CBDCs are inevitable and will likely be mainstream in 2024. Initially they will be voluntary and strongly encouraged because of all the convenience they offer. You need to resist them as long as possible as capitulation into this system will mark the beginning of total electronic control into your digital prison.

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