Georgia: Jody Hice will run against Raffensperger to fix ‘cracks in the integrity of our elections’

by WorldTribune Staff, March 23, 2021

Georgia Republican Rep. Jody Hice said he will challenge embattled Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger in the 2022 election and promptly earned the enthusiastic endorsement of former President Donald J Trump.

Hice said that Raffensperger’s actions in the controversial 2020 election in Georgia served to “create cracks in the integrity of our elections, which I wholeheartedly believe individuals took advantage of.”

Rep. Jody Hice / C-SPAN

“Our state deserves a leader who steers clear of scandals and focuses on the incredibly important duties of the office. If elected, my top priority will be ensuring every Georgian’s legally cast ballot is counted in future elections,” Hice added.

In July 2019, Raffensperger selected Dominion Voting Systems to provide 30,000 voting machines in Georgia.

Documents from evaluations of the systems bidding to replace the state’s old system showed two other systems, ES&S and SNS, had scored higher on quality and security and had bid more than Dominion.

“There should be an investigation, a thorough criminal investigation, frankly, of everyone involved in acquiring the Dominion [Voting] System for the state of Georgia,” attorney Sidney Powell said.

Trump, who vowed to campaign against Raffensperger, quickly endorsed Hice, calling him one of the most outstanding members of Congress.

“Jody has been a steadfast fighter for conservative Georgia values and is a staunch ally of the America First agenda. Unlike the current Georgia Secretary of State, Jody leads out front with integrity. I have 100% confidence in Jody to fight for Free, Fair, and Secure Elections in Georgia, in line with our beloved U.S. Constitution,” Trump said in a statement issued through his Save America political action committee.

Despite testimony questioning the validity of thousands of ballots, Raffensperger said his office found only a small amount of fraud occurred.

“We will continue to root out voting fraud and make sure anyone guilty of it faces prosecution,” Raffensperger said last month, in announcing that the state election board sent 24 alleged voting violations to prosecutors. “Fortunately, these individual cases aren’t large enough to change the outcome of a statewide election.”

Trump has also vowed to campaign against Republican Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp.

Trump said he believes both Raffensperger and Kemp failed to act properly when presented with claims of massive voter fraud in the state in the November 2020 election.

“I’ll be here in a year in a half campaigning against your governor and your crazy secretary of state,” Trump told a rally in Georgia on Jan. 4.

Hice has been a member of Congress since 2015. He represents Georgia’s 10th Congressional District, which has been held by Republicans since 1995.

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