Georgia aftermath: Leftists immediately call for more states, court packing, end of filibuster

by WorldTribune Staff, January 6, 2021

As Democrat Raphael Warnock claimed victory in one Senate runoff on Jan. 5, and Democrat Jon Ossoff in the second, leftists immediately jumped into action to call for enacting laws that will essentially guarantee one-party rule for Democrats and drive the United States toward socialism.

Chuck Schumer declared himself Senate ‘majority leader’ even before Tuesday’s Senate runoffs had been called.

As President Donald Trump was telling a massive rally in Washington on Jan. 6 that “those machines shouldn’t have been used” in Georgia (referring to Dominion Voting Systems), Senate Democrat leader Charles Schumer had already declared himself Senate “majority leader.”

Fox News, the networks and Newsmax called both Georgia runoff elections for the Democrats while only One America News said they were “too close to call”.

Trump also said today about the Georgia races: “Lot of eyes were watching just one state last night and they cheated like hell anyway.”

Schumer was ectatic: “It feels like a brand new day. For the first time in six years, Democrats will operate a majority in the United States Senate.” Schumer.

It was Schumer who in November said “Now we take Georgia, then we change America!”

Brian Fallon, a former aide to Hillary Clinton, tweeted: “Make DC a state. Restore the Voting Rights Act. Eliminate the filibuster. Reform the courts. Revive democracy.”

Leftist activist Paige Wolf tweeted: “Well I’M calling it. We got the f***ing trifecta. Take no prisoners. Burn them to the ground. Kick that turtle shell straight to hell. Pack the courts. End the filibuster. Make DC and Puerto Rico and Guam all motherf***ing states.”

Leftist activist Walker Bragman tweeted: “Democrats will have complete control of the federal government for two full years. They can pack the court. They can end the wars. They can cut the (monthly) checks. They can guarantee healthcare. They can forgive student and medical debt. If they don’t, you know who to blame.”

Progressive Washington Democrat Rep. Pramila Jayapal tweeted: “VICTORY in Georgia must lead to transformative change across America! Recurring survival checks, union jobs that pay a living wage, guaranteed health care, racial justice, voting rights, immigration reform, climate action, repro justice, education, and MUCH more. It can’t wait!”

The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board warned last week that if Republicans lost control of the Senate it would effectively end the prospect of any meaningful oversight if Joe Biden is in the White House, including the scandal involving his son, who is under federal criminal investigation over his taxes and foreign business dealings. Having lost control of the Senate Committees, Republicans would also lose the ability to stop any of Biden’s nominees.

The Journal added:

Some of our friends think Democrats couldn’t blow up the 60-vote legislative filibuster rule with a mere 50 votes. Their confidence hangs on West Virginia’s Joe Manchin, who says he supports the filibuster. But imagine the political and media pressure on Manchin if Republicans use the filibuster to block Joe Biden’s agenda. He’s always been a loyal party man when it really matters.

If the filibuster stays, Biden will need to compromise to get GOP votes for an infrastructure bill, new ObamaCare subsidies or repealing Section 230 on tech liability. A public option on health care is probably out of reach, as would be much of his climate agenda.

But if the filibuster goes, so do bipartisan restraints. Statehood for the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico become possible, with four new Senate seats to cement a Democratic majority. Biden’s aggressive union agenda has a chance, including overtime pay mandates and easier organizing of franchise chains. So do nationwide mandates for ballot harvesting and mail-in voting, a ban on arbitration in business contracts, price controls on drugs, huge subsidies for green energy and perhaps a carbon tax. We could go on.

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