Gen. Flynn on precedent-shattering possibility Trump could be reinstated

by WorldTribune Staff, June 25, 2021

Just because Democrats and their corporate media allies, as well an assortment of RINOs, say it can’t happen, doesn’t mean Donald J Trump can’t be reinstated as president if a sufficient amount of fraud is discovered in ongoing 2020 election audits, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn said.

“…what should happen if we find out that there are a sufficient number of electoral votes that are reversed because proper audits are done, and Trump now has over 270, right? Then you reinstate the guy and you get rid of the guy that’s there,” Flynn said on the June 24 Steel Truth podcast.

Flynn added: “And everybody’s gonna go ‘ohh this is unconstitutional!’ BULLSHIT…

“So, that is unprecedented at the presidential level but it doesn’t mean that it’s not gonna happen or cannot happen.”

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