Expert? Chris Krebs is still demonizing dissent about ‘most secure’ election

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, January 23, 2023

Recent polling found that 56% of American voters believe that fraud seriously affected the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

Even Democrats are starting to come around to realize that it was far from the “most secure” election in history.

Chris Krebs: ‘The world’s least secure cyber security expert?”

And then there’s Chris Krebs who famously called the 2020 election the “most secure in American history.”

Krebs, who served as Homeland Security’s Director of Cybersecurity and Infrastructure (CISA) from November 2018 until November 2020, not only insists that all election fraud is imaginary and that Joe Biden really did get 81 million votes but that those who don’t agree should be heavily penalized.

“Krebs is the world’s least secure cyber security expert — that happens when you have no formal training in cybersecurity or computer science. It’s hard talking about that technical stuff on TV all the time — especially when you have an environmental science degree and you’re faking it,” independent journalist Emerald Robinson noted in a Jan. 23 analysis.

On Nov. 17, 2020, Krebs said in a tweet that “59 election security experts all agree, ‘in every case of which we are aware, these claims (of fraud) either have been unsubstantiated or are technically incoherent.’ ”

President Donald Trump fired Krebs via Twitter the same day, because the “recent statement by Chris Krebs on the security of the 2020 Election was highly inaccurate, in that there were massive improprieties and fraud.”

After being canned by Trump, Krebs went on to become a contributor to CBS News and an “information disorder commissioner” at the Aspen Institute. “He spends his free time at spook-heavy cybersecurity conferences and lectures people about increasing the level of censorship in America,” Robinson noted.

Krebs would also go one to make himself “the face of a vast and illegal government censorship operation directed against American citizens,” Robinson added.

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In an analysis for the Foundation for Freedom Online, Mike Benz notes: “Since this is a story about government censorship and abuse of power, Chris Krebs’s public statements on censorship issues provide insight into the founding intent of the government censorship operation that first grew out of Krebs setting it up.”

Data points to keep in mind:

• Krebs said in April 2022 that the Hunter Biden laptop still looked like Russian disinformation and that Krebs didn’t care whether it was or wasn’t Russian disinformation; the important positive thing, he stressed, was that news media did not cover the laptop during the 2020 election cycle.

• Krebs, who administered the federal side of the 2020 election after DHS effectively nationalized election infrastructure on Jan. 6, 2017, said that every lawyer who represented conservative clients on claims concerning 2020 election irregularities should be permanently disbarred and banned from legal practice for life.

• Krebs said he hopes conservative media outlets are bankrupted and forced to pay billions in damages in the ongoing lawsuit by Dominion Voting Systems. He stressed the same fate should apply to anyone in the news media who questioned U.S. voting machines during the 2020 election, which he helped administer.

• Krebs said he personally canceled his DirecTV subscription in protest of conservative-leaning OANN having been allowed to have a platform on cable.

• Krebs said that the sitting President in 2020, Donald Trump, was a national security threat because he espoused domestic “disinformation.”

• Krebs said he feels equally passionate about the need to censor critics of government Covid-19 protocols as he does about censoring critics of government election administration issues.

• Krebs is so passionate about censorship he even called for a social media crackdown on the sale of humor tee-shirts that make jokes about Covid-19.

• Krebs has repeatedly said on record that “misinformation” is the single biggest threat to election security. Note that Kreb’s role in government was not supposed to be as arbiter of truth; he was supposed to be a cybersecurity expert from Microsoft. Yet U.S. domestic citizen opinions on social media became, in Kreb’s estimate, the top “cyber” security threat facing the US, replacing foreign hacking and malware.

Shortly before Joe Biden was installed in the White House, Krebs started a private consulting firm with former Facebook executive Alex Stamos, simply called “Krebs Stamos Group.”

Krebs’s other role right after leaving CISA was becoming chair of the Aspen Institute’s “Commission on Information Disorder,” to galvanize a stronger “whole-of-society” approach to censoring rumors and misinformation on the Internet.

“Thus, Krebs – the original government censor – transitioned seamlessly through the revolving door of industry, into lucrative partnerships with private sector censorship professionals and prestigious civil society groups whose stated goal is decreasing the freedom of U.S. citizen speech on the Internet,” Benz noted.

(Read Benz’s analysis in full here.)

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