Jeffrey Kuhner

JeffKuhnerJeff Kuhner is a radio talk show host on Boston’s WRKO, heard each weekday afternoon from 12-3 throughout New England, and a columnist at

Mr. Kuhner was editor-in-chief of Insight On the News, an investigative political magazine and sister publication of The Washington Times (2005-2008). He was assistant national editor at The Times (2000-2003). Before launching his media career, Mr. Kuhner taught modern American history at McGill University (1998-2000).

He was a featured columnist at The Washington Times until 2012 and has written for National Review Online, Human Events, The New York Sun, Investor’s Business Daily, The National Post and the New Oxford Review.

Previously, Mr. Kuhner was a popular guest host on the following radio programs: The Savage Nation, The Rusty Humphries Show, Wake up Monterey with Mark Carbonaro and The Steve Malzberg Show.

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