East Palestine? Pete Buttigieg would much rather breath a different brand of toxic air

Special to WorldTribune.com, February 27, 2023

Corporate WATCH

Commentary by Joe Schaeffer

It has a reputation more toxic than the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio that he avoided having to see with his own eyes for as long as possible.

But Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has no qualms about appearing at a Clinton Foundation conference this week.

The “Clinton Global Initiative University 2023 Annual Meeting” will be held March 3-5. Vanderbilt University is hosting the gathering. Among the mostly unremarkable shameless faces still willing to align with the thoroughly disgraced Bill and Hillary philanthropic endeavor one stands out: that of the do-nothing Transportation czar for the Biden administration.

From the agenda for the conference, posted at the Clinton Foundation website. See if you can figure out what all these “sessions” have in common.

Friday March 3 Plenary Session:


From climate injustice to the war in Ukraine to limitations on reproductive rights, it appears as if the world is literally and figuratively on fire. Yet for emerging leaders and entrepreneurs driven by the desire to build more inclusive and equitable communities, this moment teaches one of the greatest lessons in social innovation, advocacy and civic engagement – that times of crises spark the agency to act. Taking action in challenging times often requires a new mindset of seeing, thinking, and responding. In this session, panelists will share how challenges can serve as a catalyst for transformation, and how they have moved forward in the midst of setbacks and uncertainty.

Saturday March 4 kicks off with a “Community Town Hall” hosted by Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton.

Other “Sessions” for that day include:

The Race Towards Climate Justice

Building a More Inclusive Community at Work

Creating and Fostering an Inclusive Team

and…well, you get the idea.

What do we actually have here? A lot of hot air about vague and highly elastic topics that scratch progressive itches while not really amounting to much of anything. Such murky water is exactly the kind of terrain in which fraudulent charitable organizations thrive.

Early in his regime career, Buttigieg worked at McKinsey & Company, one of the most inside-the-velvet-rope connected “business consulting firms” in the world.

As did Chelsea Clinton. In fact, it was her very first job after college. She did not start off in the mailroom.

McKinsey’s global managing director from 1994-2003 was Rajat Gupta, a close friend of the Clintons who was later convicted of insider trading and spent two years in prison. Gupta was a major Democrat donor who also donated to the Clinton Foundation. The Washington Free Beacon noted:

“He was very proud of saying ‘I hired Chelsea Clinton – I hired Hillary Clinton’s daughter,’” a neighbor told Anita Raghavan, author of The Billionaire’s Apprentice, an in-depth look of the $20-million insider trading ring.

When Buttigieg ran for president in 2020, one of his biggest financial bundlers was a McKinsey exec. Progressive website The American Prospect reported in 2019:

Adam Barth, electric utility and natural gas lead at consulting firm McKinsey, contributed $2,800, the legal maximum, to Buttigieg’s campaign in March. He has also collected at least $25,000 worth of campaign contributions for Buttigieg, according to a list of campaign contribution “bundlers” released by the campaign.

McKinsey personnel gave generously to Buttigieg’s campaign:

Buttigieg has received by far the most money from McKinsey employees out of all the Democratic presidential candidates. Fifty-three employees of McKinsey and its affiliated nonprofit donated a total of over $53,000 to Buttigieg’s campaign from January through September, with nine giving the maximum allowed amount of $2,800. Among Buttigieg’s McKinsey donors who gave the maximum is Nikhil Patel, a partner who works in the same Houston office as Barth and whose clients include oil and gas producers.

Sonal Shah served as national policy director for Buttigieg’s 2020 campaign. Her role seemed to be more centered on garnering hard cash than helping Buttigieg craft a political vision. From a report by leftist website The Intercept:

It’s common for campaigns that rely on wealthy donors to lean on surrogates and senior officials to buttress their fundraising operations, but sending the aide in charge of crafting policy on a tour of American mansions is an unusual approach and wipes out the line between policymaking and solicitation of campaign contributions. Almost all of the invitations typically tout the role of Shah, a veteran of both Google and Goldman Sachs, as the campaign’s national policy director.

Shah is tied in to real powers that be in the ruling progressive establishment:

Shah’s background positions her well to connect with the high-net-worth individuals within the Democratic Party that are powering Buttigieg’s bid and are concerned about income inequality, climate change, health disparities, or other social inequities. While she was a top official at both Goldman Sachs and Google before joining the Obama administration – spanning the two dominant elements of the corporate wing of the party, Wall Street and Silicon Valley – she worked in the divisions of those firms publicly dedicated to doing social good. At Goldman, she designed environmental strategy. At Google, she did global development. More recently, she became founding executive director of the Beeck Center for Social Impact and Innovation.

CNBC observed:

Shah worked at Goldman Sachs from 2004 to 2007 as a vice president, according to her LinkedIn page. She then worked for Google as its head of global development initiatives from 2007 to 2009.

And, naturally, there are the strong Clinton entanglements. Shah served as an “Advisory Board Member” for the Clinton Global Initiative, The Revolving Door Project relates.

Shah has a new gig today. She is CEO of The Texas Tribune. It is a fitting position for her. A veteran of a phony philanthropy run by the Clinton family is now running a totally bogus “impartial” news outlet heavily funded by Bill Gates, George Soros, and Facebook.

This is where Pete Buttigieg comes from. This is the world in which he resides. This is how the Empty Suit was tailored. Wade through the network and it’s not hard to see why the man who was so reluctant to visit the suffering peasants in Ohio is readily available to answer the Clinton Foundation’s beck and call.

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