DNA evidence appears to confirm Ilhan Omar married her brother

by WorldTribune Staff, August 22, 2021

DNA test results showed a 99.999998 percent chance that Minnesota Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar and her second husband, Ahmed Elmi, are brother and sister, according to an analysis by a British company.

Rep. Ilhan Omar

Hours after the DNA evidence was posted online by Minnesota GOP operative Anton Lazarro, the FBI busted him, Miranda Devine noted in an op-ed for the New York Post.

Lazarro’s website, IlhanOmarDNA.com, contained the DNA test results.

The analysis was completed by British company Endeavor DNA Laboratories. Before Lazarro could share the results with the media, Devine noted, he was arrested on underage sex-trafficking charges.

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While the FBI was pursuing Lazarro, the bureau showed no interest in investigating the long-held claim that Omar married her brother so he could obtain a green card, Devine noted:

“Special Agent Joy Hess, from the FBI’s Twin Cities field office, which investigated allegations that Omar married her brother Elmi to get around U.S. immigration laws, says the ‘statute of limitations’ had run out on the case. In a recorded conversation with an associate of Lazarro, posted on his website Wednesday, Hess also said the FBI could not pursue the case because Omar’s ex-husband Elmi had moved overseas.”

Devine added: “There is no statute of limitations for immigration fraud, but there also appears to be no appetite in Democrat-run Minneapolis to investigate the claim that has dogged Democratic ‘Squad’ member Omar for years. It is shoddy that private citizens felt compelled to do the FBI’s job. Why didn’t the FBI do its own DNA tests and clear up the cloud hanging over Omar’s head?”

Omar previously has denied Elmi is her brother, calling the claim “absolutely false,” “absurd” and “offensive.”

Devine discussed the report on the Aug. 18 edition of Fox News’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight”.

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