Disney executive admits company refuses to hire ‘white males’

by WorldTribune Staff, June 23, 2024 Contract With Our Readers

A senior executive at Disney was caught on video by an undercover journalist working with James O’Keefe saying that Disney blatantly discriminates against white men when it comes to hiring in nearly every area of company operations.

Disney Senior Vice President Michael Giordano said the discrimination includes Disney’s hiring habits for TV and film productions as well as internal company promotions.

“Disney is seeking out that perfect pie chart of ethnicity, disability and sexuality to become a church of woke, sacrificing merit and success for ideological purity,” Zero Hedge noted.

Giordano adds in the video that Disney also discriminates against people with mixed ethnic backgrounds if their skin is “too white.” They can’t just be the part genetically, they have to look the part.

Zero Hedge noted: “For almost a decade Disney has been on a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion induced spiral into clown world (along with a number of major entertainment and media companies). The shift by corporations towards promoting ideological propaganda instead of chasing profits started out subtle and has quickly escalated into a crescendo of absurdity.

“Disney has become the public focus of the wokification of media for a number of reasons including the conglomerate’s massive size and global reach, but more than anything else, it used to be family favored company. When an organization makes the virtues of family and childhood innocence its brand, any slide into degeneracy or indoctrination is going to be amplified and scrutinized.”

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