Death by suicide: ‘Drain the swamp’ talk won votes, seals doom of the Republican Party

by WorldTribune Staff, August 28, 2017

After President Donald Trump’s election victory, Republicans had control of the House, Senate and White House and the opportunity to do all they promised “with a snap of the fingers,” a prominent conservative said.

The GOP “now had the power to enact every single spending cut they’d ever solemnly pledged,” Brent Bozell, chairman of the grassroots organization ForAmerica, wrote for Breitbart on Aug. 27.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, President Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan.

“All those wasteful programs designed to fill the liberal sandbox – PBS, NPR, Planned Parenthood, NEH and the rest of the alphabet soup; all the hundreds of billions of dollars in corporate welfare to multi-billion-dollar corporations; all of the hundreds of billions of dollars directed toward leftist social engineering – poof! All of it could come to an end with a stroke of a pen.”

Republicans “now had the power to restore fiscal tax sanity too,” Bozell wrote. “Remember the flat tax? The fair tax? Slashing the highest corporate taxes in the world? Giving you a tax break? All of it could be done with a snap of the fingers.

“Repeal Obamacare? Check. End illegal immigration? Check. Build the wall? Check.

“Crush the Deep State? Done, by God, done!

“There was not a damn thing the Democrats could do to stop them from draining the swamp.

“Except the Republican leadership didn’t mean it. With the exception of the Freedom Caucus in the House, and literally a handful in the Senate, the rank-and-file didn’t either. Not one word of it.”

And so, Bozell wrote, “The Grand Old Party is about to commit suicide.”

The party’s leadership “has fundamentally betrayed its constituents and they are about to learn that they’ve been double-crossed – for years.”

Bozell continued: “There is no difference between Republicans and Democrats. Put them together. They are the swamp.

“Just as Republicans have the power to enact the agenda they’ve pledged in toto, so too do they now own the federal government, in toto. It’s no longer Obamacare. It’s GOPcare. It’s no longer crazy liberal Democratic spending. It’s crazy liberal Republican spending. It’s no longer socialist Democratic Party taxation, it’s socialist Republican Party taxation. All the legislation authorizing all these programs, all the graft, all the waste, all the obscenity, all the immorality, and where Planned Parenthood is concerned, all the killing – all of it is now formally authored by the Republican Party.”

With next year’s midterm elections, and the presidential election in 2020, “the Grand Old Party will once again bellow its hallowed promises,” Bozell wrote. “But this time it won’t work. This time there will be no straw men to blame. This time their voters will know those hallowed promises are not even hollow promises. They are lies.

“These voters are tasting betrayal.”

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