Cruz rips DHS chief over Biden border ‘cages’

by WorldTribune Staff, November 19, 2021

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz on Tuesday slammed Democrats and the “corrupt corporate media” who routinely spouted the “kids in cages” mantra to criticize President Donald Trump’s immigration policies but have suddenly gone silent as Team Biden literally has thousands of children jammed in together in border holding facilities.

What those Democrats and their media allies “didn’t tell you, is that those cages were built by Barack Obama, and today under Joe Biden the cages are bigger, and they’re more full than they were before.”

DHS chief Alejandro Mayorkas, left, and Sen. Ted Cruz / Video image

Cruz on Tuesday grilled Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, asking the DHS chief repeatedly exactly how many children were being held in the “Biden cages.”

Mayorkas repeatedly refused to answer Cruz’s question, only saying repeatedly that he disagreed with the term “cages.”

“How many children have been in the Biden cages in calendar year 2021?” Cruz asked Mayorkas during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing.

“Senator, I respectfully disagree with your use of the term ‘cages,’” Mayorkas responded.

“Fine, you can disagree with it,” Cruz rejoined. “How many children have been in the Biden cages? I’ve been to the Biden cages, I’ve seen the Biden cages. How many children have you detained at the Donna [Texas] tent facility in the cages you built to hold kids? How many children have been in those cages?”

“I, respectfully, am not familiar with the term ‘cages’ and to what you are referring,” Mayorkas said.

“Enclosures in which they are locked in, in which I took photographs and put them out because you blocked the press and didn’t want people to see the Biden cages,” said Cruz.

“I will have to circle back with you with a precise number,” Mayorkas eventually admitted.

At that point, Cruz displayed a photograph taken at the Donna facility in the spring of this year that showed children crammed into the holding pens.

“Oh, by the way, here’s a photograph of the Biden cages,” Cruz said. “Children sleeping on floors, crashed in upon each other. When I took this photograph, the rate of COVID positivity was over 10 percent.”

“May I speak, Senator?” Mayorkas said.

“You can answer the question. How many kids have been in these positions?” Cruz shot back.

“That is precisely why I stated in March of this year that a Border Patrol station is no place for a child,” Mayorkas said.

“Secretary Mayorkas, you’re not answering my question, so let me ask you this,” Cruz said. “In the past year, has Joe Biden been down to see firsthand the Biden cages? Has Joe Biden been down to see this facility, yes or no?”

After Mayorkas acknowledged that Biden had not visited, Cruz pressed: “Has Kamala Harris been down to see the Biden cages, this facility? Yes or no?”

“The vice president was at the border,” Mayorkas said.

“Has she been down to see this facility?” Cruz asked again. “I know she went to El Paso. Has she seen the Biden cages?”

“They are not cages,” Mayorkas insisted, at which point Cruz turned to the photo and asked: “What are these walls?”

Mayorkas eventually acknowledged that Harris had not visited the Donna facility.

Cruz later launched into a series of rapid-fire questions.

“How many women have been sexually assaulted or been trafficked into this country in 2021?” he asked.

An apparently stunned Mayorkas responded: “Senator, I have no ability to determine how many women have been sexually assaulted in Mexico along the migratory path.”

“All right, how about this?” Cruz asked. “How many children have been sexually assaulted by traffickers or other people when they were coming in illegally?”

“I do not have that data,” admitted Mayorkas, who gave similar answers to questions from Cruz about the number of illegal immigrants who were released while positive for COVID-19 or were released with criminal convictions on their record.

“How many murderers have you released?” Cruz asked. “How many rapists have you released? How many child molesters have you released?”

To each question, Mayorkas said he was “not aware” of any such releases.

Cruz appeared on Fox News’s “Hannity” on Tuesday night and slammed Mayorkas’s “pitiful” performance at the hearing.

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