Chinese balloon provided comic relief over a frigid winter weekend

by WorldTribune Staff, February 5, 2023

It has not been reliably reported how many ice creams Joe Biden went through before “taking care” of the Chinese spy balloon, but most of America was content to remain indoors during a brutally cold winter weekend while watching the story pop.

In the absence of funny late night comedy and watchable movies, multiple memes provided entertainment and a welcome respite from the breathless, wall-to-wall “breaking” news coverage of the drama .

While the Chinese Communist Party insisted that this was much ado about a harmless weather balloon sailing above some of the most sensitive military sites in America’s heartland, Joe Biden and his handlers struggled to appear presidential. Meanwhile, much of the nation didn’t know whether to head for the fallout shelter or snicker.

Was it a real or manufactured Orson Welles ‘War of the Worlds’ crisis? Was that the PRC’s flag flying over the White House?

When it comes to dinging Joe Biden, leave it to Donald Trump to tee off:

It may have been blown up by a single Sidewinder missile from an F-22 jet, but the spy balloon is the gift that keeps on giving:


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