CCP has stolen enough data to create a ‘dossier on every single American adult’ not to mention our children

by WorldTribune Staff, August 8, 2021

Using its nonstop cyber attacks on widespread U.S. targets, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has stolen enough data to produce a “dossier” on every adult in America, a former national security official said.

Part of the CCP’s army of “Internet trolls” in an undated leaked photo in Fangzheng County, Harbin City, China. / NTD

“Assembling dossiers on people has always been a feature of Leninist regimes, but Beijing’s penetration of digital networks worldwide, including using 5G networks … has really taken this to a new level,” Trump administration deputy national security adviser Matthew Pottinger said during a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing this week.

With the information the CCP has obtained, Pottinger said, it “now compiles dossiers on millions of foreign citizens around the world, using the material that it gathers to influence, target, intimidate, reward, blackmail, flatter, humiliate, and ultimately divide and conquer.”

The CCP has “stolen sensitive data” which Pottinger said “is sufficient to build a dossier on every single American adult and on many of our children too, who are fair game under Beijing’s rules of political warfare.”

Also during the hearing, former director of the National Counterintelligence and Security Center William Evanina said that the communist regime in Beijing is using a “whole of country approach” to “leverage, infiltrate, influence, and steal from every corner of U.S. success.”

“It is estimated,” Evanina warned, “that 80 percent of American adults have had all of their personal data stolen by the CCP, and the other 20 percent most of their personal data.”

Furthermore, he said that the Chinese regime poses an “existential threat” to the United States and is employing “complex, pernicious, strategic, and aggressive” tactics to accomplish its goals.

After a recent spate of cyber attacks, Team Biden offered only criticism of China’s state-sponsored hacking, including intellectual property theft. Critics say that the criticism was not accompanied by any punitive actions including diplomatic expulsions or sanctions against the regime.

Pottinger also warned about the CCP’s so-called “United Front” efforts to spread propaganda and influence decision-makers around the world and within the United States.

“The CCP’s 95 million members are all required to participate in the system, which has many different branches. The United Front Work Department alone, which is just one branch, has three times as many cadres as the U.S. State Department has foreign service officers,” he noted.

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