Boston Children’s Hospital proudly offers ‘gender-affirming hysterectomies’ for young girls

by WorldTribune Staff, August 12, 2022

Boston Children’s Hospital boasts that it has the first pediatric transgender surgery center in the country, offering a “full suite of surgical options for transgender teens.”

A bulletin on the Children’s Hospital Gender Multispecialty Service (GeMS) homepage reads, “At Boston Children’s, we are proud to be home to the first pediatric and adolescent transgender health program in the United States” that has treated “more than 1,000 families to date.”

The hospital welcomes patients as young as 3 years old, saying: “At GeMS, our mission is to assess and care for gender-diverse children, teens, and young adults.”

In a tweet posted on Tuesday, Chris Elsto shared a video in the hospital’s playlist called “What happens during a gender-affirming hysterectomy?”

In that video, which has since been hidden and made “private” on YouTube, Dr. Frances Grimstad gleefully describes the process in which young girls undergo a “gender affirming hysterectomy.”

It is “very similar to most hysterectomies that occur. Hysterectomy itself is the removal of the uterus, cervix, which is the opening of the uterus, and the the fallopian tubes which are attached to the sides of the uterus,” Grimstad says with a smile. Grimstad says that some “gender affirming hysterectomies will also include the removal of the ovaries,” in short, the entire female reproductive system.

For children 9 and under, Boston Children’s Hospital says that it helps facilitate a social transition that prepares them for their 10th birthday, which is when children are offered individualized treatment plans that can include puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and chest surgeries, Christina Buttons noted in an Aug. 10 analysis for The Post Millennial.

Dr. Oren Ganor, co-director of Boston Children’s Center for Gender Surgery, said in an email to WBUR that he is “slightly flexible” when it comes to the age of males seeking genital surgery.

GeMS provides “a variety of options for medical transition” that include prescribing puberty blockers, testosterone, estrogen and plastic surgery from their surgery center. “Our skilled team includes specialists in plastic surgery, urology, endocrinology, nursing, gender management, and social work, who collaborate to provide a full suite of surgical options for transgender teens and young adults,” the GeMS website reads.

Boston Children’s Hospital abides by the “gender-affirmative model of care,” meaning that children’s beliefs about their gender are taken at face value without question. “We believe in a gender-affirmative model of care, which supports transgender and gender diverse youth in the gender in which they identify.”

Buttons noted: “But ‘gender affirmation’ care is rooted in gender ideology, which is a belief system based on the falsehood that whether someone is a man, boy, woman, or girl has nothing to do with one’s biology, but instead is determined by one’s subjective and undefinable ‘gender identity.’ Therefore, males can be women and girls, and females can be boys and men. Gender ideology also claims that a felt mismatch between one’s body and gender identity can be corrected by puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and surgeries, what the Boston Children’s Hospital aims to offer.

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