Blackwater update: Why is Erik Prince’s CCP-owned security agency operating in Taiwan?

by WorldTribune Staff, November 13, 2023

A Chinese state-owned company originally founded by Blackwater’s Erik Prince is apparently offering VIP executive protection services with special operations capabilities in Taiwan, a report said.

Frontier Services Group is now advertising on LinkedIn for an “Executive Protection Agent” for Taipei, Wendell Minnick wrote in a Nov. 12 report.

Screenshot from Frontier Services Group’s promotional video in China.

Originally based in Hong Kong under Prince, Frontier Services Group is now headquartered in Beijing but retains a Hong Kong office. The Chinese state-run CITIC Group gained control of the company when Prince left in 2021.

“By virtue of being owned by members of the Chinese Communist Party (CPC), it can be assumed to have NO real interest in the executive protection VIP market in Taiwan, but most likely is working to expand Chinese influence and intelligence collection operations on the island, and perhaps even covert special operations,” Minnick wrote.

Frontier Services Group has been sanctioned by the United States for its activities in Kenya, Laos, and the United Arab Emirates as well as training services for China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

The International Security Defense College boasted that Frontier Services Group had trained more than 5,000 Chinese military personnel, 200 plainclothes police officers, 500 SWAT specialists, 200 railway police officers, and 300 overseas military police officers.

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Frontier Services Group, which is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, states that it is “a leading provider of integrated security, logistics, insurance and infrastructure services for clients operating in frontier markets. Our teams are multinational, multilingual and highly experienced, which allows us to provide world-class service no matter the environment.

The security firm focuses on four regions – Southern Africa Region, Middle East & North Africa Region, Northwest Region, and Southwest Region. Client Industries include oil & gas, mining, finance, international organizations, energy, and infrastructure.

“Taiwan is basically inviting a Chinese state-run company with the capabilities of a military special operations strike force,” Minnick wrote.

Those capabilities include:

• Advance Site Surveys
• Armored Vehicle Convoy
• Develop Integrated Security Plans
• Information Analysis
• Operational Suppor
• Operations and Communications Centers
• Personal Security Awareness Training
• Quick Reaction Forces
• Risk Mitigation
• Vulnerability and Threat Assessments

Ironically, Minnick wrote, “via Frontier’s roots, Blackwater was a friend of Taiwan with a contract to train Taiwan’s presidential security teams under the NSB after the assassination attempt on then President Chen Shui-bian (19 March 2004). Taiwan’s NSB was so proud of their Blackwater training they wore the ball cap while protecting the president.”

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