Biden Pentagon blesses cross-dressing and males in female showers, bedrooms

by WorldTribune Staff, March 6, 2023

The Pentagon is now granting U.S. military service members the ability to change their sex assigned at birth to a “different gender role.”

In the Department of Defense’s Instruction 1300.28, which was updated on Dec. 20, 2022, the phrase “self-identified gender” is used instead of “preferred gender.”

Gender identity and gender expression training are now mandatory in the U.S. Army.

Elaine Donnelly founder and president of the Center for Military Readiness, wrote for RealClearDefense that the DoD Instruction stipulates that if a service member “self-identifies” as a person of the opposite sex, and if the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) changes a person’s bureaucratic “gender marker,” a man claiming to be a woman must be treated as a woman, and vice versa.

Once a military doctor approves, transgender transition can be deemed “complete” with or without surgical alteration of healthy body parts. At that point, as the DoD Instruction states: “[S]ervice members will use those berthing, bathroom, and shower facilities associated with their gender marker in DEERS.”

“Military commanders, doctors and nurses, chaplains, and military men and women at all levels must endorse and act on this ideological belief or suffer career penalties if they don’t. Alleged ‘biases against transgender individuals,’ which are prohibited, could include anything from ‘misgendering’ people with the wrong pronouns to expressions of concern about medically questionable hormone treatments or surgeries for adults or military-dependent children,” Donnelly noted.

The revised rules also permit cross-dressing and other “transitioning” behaviors while in “on-duty status.”

Previously, time off for “real life experience” (RLE) living as a person of the opposite sex could only occur off-base and off-duty, often for weeks or months.

“Whether intended or not, the revised policy’s approval of on-base cross-dressing likely will increase ‘LGBT Pride’ celebrations featuring drag queen performances and ‘family-friendly’ story hours for children at military bases worldwide,” Donnelly wrote.

In the Obama/Biden era military, a tank commander at Fort Hood is likely to be more concerned with using the proper pronouns or misgendering a service member than actually training the troops to fight an enemy force.

While Americans are concerned about serious national security threats, including Chinese spy aircraft, Team Biden insists that the Department of Defense focus on “woke” policies with enforced compliance, even if it hurts military readiness.

The Biden Pentagon has directed military commanders to consult with designated “experts,” called Service Central Coordination Cells.

“The SCCCs have no responsibility for military operations or any obligation to put the needs of the patient first,” Donnelly wrote.

A self-diagnosis of gender dysphoria is permitted and the result is just one course of treatment, Donnelly noted: “Pushing the service member toward life-changing, often-irreversible transgender ‘transition,’ without an independent ‘second opinion.’ ”

The latest DoD Instruction admits that some service members who have “completed a gender transition” may not have “resolved the gender dysphoria.” Without any estimate of costs or consequences, additional medical procedures are authorized “If a return to their previous gender is medically required.”

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