August deaths add to list of those who died ‘suddenly’ and ‘unexpectedly’

by WorldTribune Staff, August 21, 2022

The list of young, healthy people dying “suddenly” and “unexpectedly” continues to grow.

When not ignoring the deaths, legacy media deceptively refer to the phenomenon as “Sudden Adult Death Sydrome.”

Rachel Anne Wall

Mark Crispin Miller has posted a list on of some of those reported to have “died suddenly” in the last month.

Those joining the tragic list include:

July 27

Rachel Anne Wall, age 32, died “unexpectedly,” the Daily Voice (New Jersey) reported.

She was 32.

Hall graduated with honors from Rutgers University and lived in Phillipsburg at the time of her death, according to her obituary.

Rachel is remembered for her one-of-a-kind spirit and endless generosity. She “would truly give the shirt off her back to anyone in need,” her memorial says.

No cause of death has been reported.

Aug. 6

Laci Cheyanne Laycock, 16, a member of the Bradford County Sheriff’s Office Explorer Program died due to an “unexpected” medical issue.

According to officials with the sheriff’s office, Laycock died as a result of a “sudden” illness on Aug. 6. She died at UF Health Shands after suffering a spinal cord leak and an aneurism.

Laci obtained the rank of sergeant in the explorer’s program. She intended to become a sheriff’s deputy once she graduated high school with the class of 2024.

Laci’s grandmother wrote that Laci was in the hospital for 3 weeks with transverse myelitis and “was supposed to be going home on Friday when she became unresponsive and a short time later she passed away.”

Aug. 6

Owen Cotty, a 16-year-old junior who attended Methacton High School in Worcester Township, Pennsylvania, died on Aug. 6 while he was playing frisbee with his father and uncle, according to family members.

CPR was administered and first responders got to the scene quickly, but they were unable to resuscitate Cotty and he died at the scene.

“His sudden and unexpected passing has left a gigantic hole in our hearts. It is our goal to see his mission of programming and service continue through this scholarship,” his obituary reads.

Aug. 7

Braden Fahey, a football player at Clayton Valley Charter School in California, passed away two days after he suffered an unexpected and sudden severe medical emergency while playing football, KTUV Fox 2 reported.

No cause of death was reported. Media reporting on Fahey’s death also did not report his age. He was in his second year of middle school.

Emergency officials were called to the school when Fahey fell seriously ill. He passed away two days later.

“Braden was a great student, always had great grades, obviously a ray of sunshine and he was a friendly kid,” said Diablo View Middle School Principal Peter Fong. “He had lots of friends. Because he was so active in various sports most in the community knew of Braden and his family.”

Aug. 10

Djemayley Vernet, a 16-year-old in Stamford, Connecticut with no known health issues, died after suddenly having seizures.

“He was coughing up blood and then they called the ambulance and on the way to the hospital he had two more seizures so then they put him in a coma to see what was going on,” his cousin, Noldylens Metayer said, according to a report by News 12 Connecticut.

He was rushed to Stamford Hospital and was put into a medically induced coma on a Friday evening. He died the next morning.

Vernet played on the Stamford High football team and had just gotten his first job, the report said, saying the Stamford community was “stunned” by the teen’s “sudden and unexplained death.”

Aug. 10

Aaron “Mick” Crawford, who had just turned 18, was assisting Kentucky flood victims for three days before he suddenly began to feel ill, said his mother, Ronda Crawford, in a Facebook post. He was taken to the University of Kentucky Medical Center in Lexington, where he was placed on a ventilator for four days before he died.

Crawford’s cousin, Nix Ritchie, said he didn’t have any prior health conditions. “It came out of nowhere,” Ritchie told The Courier Journal, part of the USA Today network. “We were still reeling from the flood and the next thing I know, I hear he’s in the ICU two hours away.”

The report said Crawford’s family still does not know the cause of death — and they may never know. Crawford’s sister, Rachel Crawford, said they chose to donate his organs, which meant an autopsy couldn’t be performed.

Aug. 11

Washington County, Pennsylvania Deputy sheriff Chad Beattie, 45, died after suffering “a sudden cardiac event” while on duty, according to a statement from the coroner’s office. Beattie, a Claysville resident, was taken to Washington Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

No additional details were reported.

Meanwhile, Houston Astros star slugger Yordan Alvarez was held out of the lineup for the Aug. 20 game against the Braves after being taken to a hospital the previous night because of shortness of breath, reports say.

“We’ve still got to watch him. He’s under what’s similar to a concussion protocol, where you’ve got to watch him. You don’t want him to maybe fall out. They couldn’t find anything, but that doesn’t mean nothing’s wrong,” Astros Manager Dusty Baker said.

Alvarez is batting .295 with 31 homers and 77 RBIs for the AL West-leading Astros.

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