At the NY Times, staring at its navel has driven the newspaper of record insane

by WorldTribune Staff, November 11, 2020

The year 2020 has driven many Americans to the brink. The New York Times was already there. So, in 2020, the so-called “newspaper of record” went off the cliff.

New York Post columnist Maureen Callahan noted that it was NY Times Executive Editor Dean Baquet who allowed the paper’s “millennial social justice warriors to dictate not just how stories are covered but who writes them, edits them, or whether they should run at all.”

Callahan added: “Make no mistake: The Times is engaging in self-censorship, which extends to outright censorship. The paper has been steadily morphing from a news organization into a far-left propaganda sheet that can please no one but the truest believers.”

Callahan pointed to “All the President’s Men” and “Spotlight,” as “cinematic depictions of buzzy newsrooms, journalists hot to expose corruption at the highest levels, grizzled editors interested in only one thing: Does the story stand up? Is it bulletproof?”

At today’s New York Times, “the No. 1 concern is hurt feelings. No. 2 is what Twitter thinks,” Callahan noted.

“Should JB be replaced?” became subject of a raging debate on the newspaper’s internal Slack channel this summer, after editorial page editor James Bennet ran a column by Sen. Tom Cotton in which the senator called for a military response to nationwide rioting and looting.

“Controversial? Depends on your politics, but that’s what op-eds are for — exposure to all kinds of arguments and ideas, especially ones debated on Capitol Hill,” Callahan wrote. “Unless, that is, you work at the Times, where publishing an op-ed by a Taliban leader is A-OK, but one by a sitting Republican senator should be thrown in the trash.”

Cotton’s column ran on June 3. Two days later, “the Times added a lengthy, insufferable, self-righteous preamble, claiming that negative reader response led to the new conclusion that the column should never have been published,” Callahan noted.

Swap out “reader response” for “internal staff upset” and you have something closer to the truth.

Editorial page editor James Bennett — “JB” — did indeed resign soon after, “his superiors crouching in fear of their woke staff,” Callahan noted.

And since it has abdicated its title as the newspaper of record, the NY Times has only double down on its lunacy.

Breitbart’s John Nolte noted in a Nov. 10 op-ed that the Times is calling for the censoring of independent media which are reporting on allegations of fraud in the 2020 election.

NY Times tech writer Kevin Roose “attacked Facebook for allowing stories that are 100 percent accurate to rise to ‘the 10 most-engaged URLs on the platform over the last 24 hours,’ ” Nolte noted.

Roose had tweeted: “Facebook is absolutely teeming with right-wing misinformation right now. These are all among the 10 most-engaged URLs on the platform over the last 24 hours.”

The New York Times propagandist listed four stories:

• The Daily Wire: “Republican In Michigan Goes From Loser To Winner After ‘Technical Glitch’ Fixed. Officials Urge ‘Confidence’ In System”
• Breitbart News: “AG William Barr Authorizes DOJ to Look Into Voting Irregularities”
• Bongino,com: “Michigan Legislature Holds Rare Emergency Session to Investigate Election Irregularities”
• Breitbart News: “Perdue, Loeffler Call on Georgia Sec of State to Resign over Election”

“All four of those stories are news stories,” Nolte noted. “All four of those stores are reporting on events that actually happened. All four of those stories are informing readers of what is going on.”

Nolte said of Roose: “And this shameless liar at the Times is smearing the accurate reporting of news as ‘misinformation’ because, why…? He probably doesn’t like the fact that the shitty, disgraced New York Times can’t hit the top ten. And he certainly doesn’t like the fact that those of us who report the news accurately are covering actual events he’d prefer to see covered up and hidden from the public.”

How can reporting facts, actual events, be used to create a misinformation campaign?

“It can’t,” Nolte wrote. “The facts are the facts, and what the facts add up to is the truth. Roose is lying because he doesn’t like the facts.”

A Nov. 9 New York Magazine analysis by Reeves Wiedeman reveals just how far and fast the New York Times has fallen.

“The Times had become the paper of the resistance, whether or not it wanted the distinction. The months ahead will determine whether it can again become the paper of record,” Wiedeman wrote.

As the New York Post’s Callahan put it: “The New York Times, as they have made quite clear, believes that Rome is burning. If so, they are Nero.”

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