Syrian opposition claims ‘serious discussions’ with NATO on no-fly zone

Special to LONDON — The Syrian opposition has been quietly meeting with NATO to discuss the establishment of another no-fly zone in the Middle East. Opposition sources said their leadership has convened with key members of NATO to examine the formation of a no-fly zone mission over Syria. They said the no-fly zone was […]

U.S. recalls Syrian ambassador after ‘credible threats’

U.S. recalls Syrian ambassador after ‘credible threats’

Special to WASHINGTON — The United States has recalled its ambassador from Syria because of threats to his safety. Officials said the State Department said U.S. ambassador to Syria, Robert Ford, has returned to Washington. They said Ford received threats by elements aligned with the regime of President Bashar Assad. “Ambassador Robert Ford was […]

Syrian Army sends 5,000 troops with tanks against defector forces on Lebanon border

NICOSIA — Syria has launched its largest military operation yet along the border of Lebanon in search for Sunni insurgents. More than 5,000 Syrian troops, supported by main battle tanks, stormed the border with Lebanon in an operation against defectors. Officials said the Syrian Army force bombarded the northern Lebanese resort of Zabadani, regarded as […]

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