Syrian refugee in Germany boasted of having killed for ISIL

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A Syrian asylum seeker living in a German camp for refugees has said he fought and killed for Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL).

Germany police are investigating the claims of the man currently residing in a camp in the north-east region of Brandenburg. According to the German Weltam Sonntag newspaper, the man told other refugees he had been a member of ISIL.

German refugee camp.
Refugee camp in Germany.

Germany’s Federal Criminal Police Office said the suspect was filmed by other refugees boasting about having killed for the terrorist group, but the authorities stressed they only had the word of other refugees and are still checking to see if the allegations have any merit.

German federal police continue to insist they do not believe terrorists are infiltrating the country through the influx of refugees.

Germany, Europe’s largest and richest economy, has become a magnet for migrants who journey by sea and land, often via Turkey and the Greek islands, and then onward through the Balkans, Hungary and Austria.

Germany has said it wanted European Union partners to share the burden of welcoming the thousands of refugees.

“It’s true: the European lack of action in the refugee crisis is now pushing even Germany to the limit of its ability,” Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel told the website of Der Tagesspiegel newspaper.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel ordered the country to stop enforcing the EU’s “Dublin” rules under which asylum seekers should register in whichever member state they first arrive in.

German Interior Minister Thomas De Maiziere defended Merkel’s decision but insisted the Dublin rules were still valid. “We need to quickly return to orderly procedures now,” he added. “We can’t allow refugees to freely choose where they want to stay — that’s not the case anywhere in the world.”

Most asylum seekers are refusing to stay in the poorer southern European countries where they arrive, such as Greece, Hungary and Croatia, and are instead making their way to Germany or Sweden where they anticipate a warmer welcome.

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