Sudanese Air Force acquires Russian-made Su-24 fighter-jets

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WASHINGTON — Sudan is said to have acquired Russian-origin
fighter-jets that could strike targets in Darfour and
along the border with South Sudan.

A leading U.S. monitoring group said Sudan has received at least three
Su-24 combat aircraft from Russia. The Satellite Sentinel Project said the
bombers arrived in Sudan earlier this year.

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Su-24 fighter.
Su-24 fighter.

“DigitalGlobe imagery indicates that Sudan has acquired at least three Su-24 supersonic precision bomber aircraft in recent months,” Satellite Sentinel said.

In a statement on Aug. 27, Satellite Sentinel said the Su-24s enhanced air operations for the Sudanese Air Force. The Fencer aircraft, with an operational range of more than 600 kilometers, could carry two external fuel

“The acquisition of aircraft with precision targeting capability could signal a change from rolling crude bombs out the door of an AN-24/26 transport to conducting targeted strikes,” Satellite Sentinel said.

Satellite Sentinel said the Sudanese Air Force could now strike targets
in Darfour South Kordofan and Blue Nile states. The monitoring group first
detected an Su-24 in March 2013 in Wadi Seidna, located 25 kilometers
northwest of Khartoum. Wadi Seidna contains a range of aircraft, including
the MiG-29, Su-25 and AN-24/26 air transports.

“The positioning of Su-24 aircraft in the air base’s operational area in
June 2013 suggests the aircraft is already in use at that time,” Satellite
Sentinel said. “Since then the aircraft have been seen elsewhere in the
operations area and later on a parking apron. To date, three Su-24 aircraft
have been observed at Wadi Seidna, most recently on Aug. 24.

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