Sudan Army deploying drones from Iran in war with South

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LONDON — Iran is said to have supplied unmanned aerial vehicles to

Opposition sources said the Sudanese military has been operating
Iranian-origin UAVs for missions along the border of South Sudan. They said
Sudanese Army UAVs were spotted in several areas near and inside South

SPLM soldiers display an Iranian-made drone, believed operated by Khartoum, which they claim to have shot down.

“The use of Iranian-made Shihab missiles, personnel land mines, UAVs and heavy military equipments prove beyond doubt that the National Congress Party’s government plan and strategy aim to continue its policies of genocide, ethnic cleansing against the Nuba people and the state population in general and deny them humanitarian aid,” Sudanese People’s Liberation Movement-North spokesman Arnu Loddi said.

On March 13, SPLM-N is said to have downed an Iranian UAV near the Nuba Mountains along the border with South Sudan.

The UAV, a photograph of which was published, was not identified but contained the inscription 3-1-R031 Zagil.

The Sudanese military has acknowledged the loss of the UAV.

A military spokesman said the UAV was launched from South Kordofan and lost control during a military exercise.

Another Sudanese UAV is said to have been downed in Jua. The UAV was
also said to have been manufactured in Iran.

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