Saudi dissident: Royal family members were paid millions for family intel

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LONDON — The Saudi royal family is said to have been engaged in regional bribery.

A leading anonymous Saudi dissident, known only as Mujtahidd, asserted that senior Saudi officials as well as royal family members were receiving hundreds of millions of dollars from Gulf Cooperation Council states.

Mohammed Bin Zayed is said to have bought control of Saudi intelligence.
UAE crown prince Mohammed Bin Zayed bought control of Saudi intelligence, according to a Saudi dissident.

Mujtahidd, deemed a pseudonym, identified one of those who paid off the Saudis as Mohammed Bin Zayed, crown prince of the Abu Dhabi emirate in the United Arab Emirates.

“Bin Zayed was able to control Saudi intelligence by buying Saudi former intelligence chief Prince Bandar Bin Sultan former after receiving 1.25 billion riyal, or $334 million, and a stake in a huge investment in Abu Dhabi worth hundreds of millions,” Mujtahidd said.

Over the last year, Mujtahidd disclosed a series of revelations about the Saudi royal family. Western diplomatic sources said most of the revelations were accurate and reflected somebody either in or close to the royal family.

Mujtahidd also identified the son of King Abdullah, Prince Mitab, as a recipient of Bin Zayed payoffs. Mitab is national guard minister and regarded as the most powerful military figure in the kingdom.

The UAE was said to have sought alliances within the Saudi royal family as Abdullah’s health declined. Mujtahidd said Bin Zayed expected Mitab to become the next king.

“Bin Zayed knows that the king is close to death and that the crown prince is suffering from Alzheimers and that Prince Muqrin is weak,” Mujtahidd said. “The plan is for the installation of Mitab.”

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