Report: Iran, North Korea forging nuclear, ballistic missile ties

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As Iran was steeped in negotiations with world powers over its nuclear program in April, North Korean nuclear and ballistic missile experts visited a military site near Teheran, a group of Iranian dissidents said.

Iran's nuclear enrichment facility at Natanz. / EPA
Iran’s nuclear enrichment facility at Natanz. / EPA

National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), a Paris-based Iranian opposition group, said sources inside Iran revealed that seven officials from the North Korean Defense Ministry were in Iran the last week of April, the third time in 2015 that a North Korean delegation had visited Iran.

In 2002, the NCRI was responsible for exposing Iran’s Natanz uranium enrichment plant and the Arak heavy water facility.

“The delegates included nuclear experts, nuclear warhead experts and experts in various elements of ballistic missiles including guidance systems,” NCRI said.

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